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Sandoz - Leading Specialists in Microbial Fermentation

We are leading specialists in microbial fermentation of classic and recombinant microorganisms.


Experts in microbial production

Founded in 1946, Sandoz is a fully-integrated manufacturer of biopharmaceutical products.

We serve our customers by producing quantities of their microbial and mammalian cell culture (derived recombinant) products to feed all stages of clinical development, before supplying these creations to the market.

Sandoz has more than fifty years of experience in the field of classic microbial products, and more than twenty years of experience in recombinant microbial production at commercial scale.

We continually seek to increase our knowledge and understanding to better our products and services.

Integrated services and recombinant products

We offer a wide variety of integrated services, including innovative expression systems, process development, scale-up and production of recombinant products (derived from microbial systems and mammalian cell culture in state-of-the-art facilities), as well as fill and finish operations.

At present, Sandoz is manufacturing more than fifteen different recombinant products for well-known pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies located in the US, Europe and Japan.

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Contact details:
Sandoz GmbH

Biochemiestrasse 10
A 6250 Kundl
Tel: +43 5338 200 680
Fax: +43 5338 200 442