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Zenatek: Going Beyond the Known Limits


Zenatek has extensive management experience in the civil, military and logistical fields, as well as software programming and development.

Zenatek supplies services to the IT sector, which are used to track, monitor and report in real-time on pharmaceutical goods in transit.

Real-time shipment tracking

One of Zenatek’s core activities is managing the tracking of shipments in real-time, anywhere in the world.

Monitoring the temperature of shipments is of extreme importance for pharmaceutical products and of any hazards which all goods are exposed to during transportation, from warehouse to final destination.

Container tracking and monitoring systems

The Zenatek tracking system (ZTS) comprises a smart device that allows you to manage and monitor your shipments while in transit around the world.

It provides real-time information, via global positioning system (GPS) / global system for mobile communications (GSM) / internet, eliminating all uncertainty about the goods being transported, triggering all necessary alarms that will alert you of any event during their transport.

In transit, the ZTS monitors containers to provide real-time information. Vodafone is a partner in this technology and follows Zenatek’s systems all over the world, reporting on possible tampering, temperature variances, location and tracing. It is a comprehensive service that includes a one-way-throw-away unit container tracking device (CTD) and a rechargable asset tracking device (ATD). For both devices, all the information trip-traced is already in the system with no worries.

The ZTS is easy-to-install with a simple procedure and configured on a web portal where the clients can connect via the internet with an encrypted code reserved only for them to gain access regarding the transportation of their goods and/or assets.

Shipment temperature monitoring

The knowledge to have reliable information of your shipments while they are on the road, alongside security status, is paramount.

Temperature monitoring, for example, is a natural step in continuing efforts to assure that your customers receive the highest quality of pharmaceuticals, perishables and high-value or general cargo.

Peace of mind is a given, alongside the fact that you know who the stakeholder in possession of your container is when an event triggers the corresponding alarm. This allows you to initiate the first of your corrective responses. Your long-term insurance premium reductions would also be a direct consequence of this.


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Zenatek Tracking System

Our main product, the “Zenatek Tracking System” (ZTS), introduces a new level of performance in tracking, monitoring and reporting of goods in transit.

In fact, this new smart technology allows the logistic operators to manage and monitor events in the supply chain in real time, 24/7. It also provides customers in transit visibility of their shipments with a high quality and safe service end-to-end, eliminating all uncertainty about the goods being transported, in dry or reefer containers, providing…
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Zenatek: Going Beyond the Known Limits

Published on September 28, 2018
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