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Sonic Clinical Trials

Dedicated Central Laboratory



Sonic Clinical Trials

Sonic Clinical Trials is a dedicated central laboratory service providing comprehensive clinical trials support to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Our Sydney-based central laboratory provides a superior service exclusively in support of clinical trials and we aim to meet each client’s unique requirements for their study by offering flexible service options, high quality results and local project management.

Medical diagnostics

Sonic Clinical Trials is a subsidiary of Australian owned Sonic Healthcare Limited, which is one of the world’s largest specialist medical diagnostics companies, employing more than 22,000 people in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Germany, Switzerland and the US. This means that, in addition to the depth of experience of the Australian central laboratory team, Sonic Clinical Trials can directly access the vast infrastructure and resources of Sonic Healthcare’s extended group of diagnostic practices, to provide an even broader range of services and medical expertise. Sonic Healthcare laboratories are highly respected and well established, operating in capital cities and country centres throughout Australia. The laboratories are fully accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and are committed to maintaining the highest standards of professional and technical excellence.

Our Sydney based central laboratory provides a single validated testing platform for studies that require fully standardised methods and data. Our instruments and assay methods are validated according to the most exacting industry requirements and are carefully monitored using stringent quality control and quality assurance procedures.

Central laboratory services in clinical trials

Sonic Clinical Trials is committed to the maintenance of uncompromising ethical standards in all our business and medical interactions. Our central laboratory has been able to develop its systems and services, over the years, to match its growth and remain at the cutting edge of pathology technology, logistics and efficiency. Using a powerful and sophisticated clinical trials and laboratory information management system that is customised and validated for the provision of central laboratory services in clinical trials, Sonic Clinical Trials has been able to pioneer applications, systems and work practices which place the clinical trials team at the forefront of pathology and central laboratory services. As a result of these attributes, Sonic Clinical Trials has been able to deliver consistent, high-quality laboratory services to many clients each year.

Please contact the general manager Paullette Azar-Tannous:

Sonic Clinical Trials 14 Giffnock Avenue
Macquarie Park
NSW 2113

Tel: +61 (0)2 9855 6000
Fax: +61 (0)2 9855 6001

Client Support Services and Data Management

Sonic Clinical Trials closely supports each investigator site to resolve general enquiries, provide telephone alerts, resolve data demographic issues, facilitate kit inventory management and assist your investigators to access expert medical guidance 24/7 on laboratory issues. The client support services team may also provide laboratory training at investigator meetings and site initiations.

The training and support personnel will work closely alongside the nominated Sonic Clinical Trials Project Manager to ensure each client's requirements are acknowledged and met. Our laboratory network gives us direct access to the experience and knowledge of more than 500 medical specialists worldwide: expert resources that benefit our clients. Sonic Clinical Trials validates its…

Laboratory Services

Sonic Clinical Trials offers an extensive range of safety and efficacy testing in its dedicated laboratory as well as a vast selection of additional testing throughout the network of Sonic Healthcare laboratories.

Our sophisticated sample management system ensures complete chain of custody of the sample from the time of receipt, storage and shipment to referral laboratories of choice anywhere in the world. Secure ambient, refrigerated and frozen facilities with continuous alarm and temperature control ensure monitoring for short and long term storage. Standardised validated testing platforms, methods…

Project and Protocol Management

A highly experienced project manager is assigned as a primary point of contact for each study. The project manager is assisted by a team of medical laboratory scientists and medical professionals to facilitate all activity during the life of the study. We provide local project management, as well as real time access and communication to all sites.

Sonic Clinical Trials will assist in the design of your protocol specific laboratory services. The development of a Study Specifications Document (SSD) will drive the customisation of the database. This will ensure all aspects of the service are specially tailored to assist in efficient data capture and management. Our Protocol Management Team consists of experienced…

Quality Assurance

Sonic Clinical Trials understands the importance of quality data and procedural compliance when conducting a clinical trial and we are committed to instilling the highest quality into everything that we do.

We understand that quality is a critical consideration when choosing a central laboratory. Through a comprehensive quality management program, we warrant compliance with ICH GCP and applicable local regulations. Sonic Clinical Trials adheres to strict regulatory requirements so that each client has confidence in the trial data and the selected central laboratory. Sonic Clinical Trials…

Sample Collection

Each investigational site is provided with protocol, visit and site specific collection kits. Study specific request forms accompany each kit including laminated collection instructions and laboratory manuals. Study materials can be supplied in more than forty languages including Asian languages. Kits may be automatically resupplied throughout the study via our database.

SCT has designed collection kits that are easy to use. All visit components and supplies are assembled in the kit, including the study, visit and site-specific request forms, ensuring only the required testing is ordered and only the required demographics are captured. Our collection kits have an expiry date that corresponds to the component with…

Sample Management and Logistics

Sonic Clinical Trials understands the importance of sample management, archiving, storage and shipping of samples for their clients. Our sophisticated and powerful sample management system ensures complete chain-of-custody of the sample, from the time of sample receipt, storage and shipment to referral laboratories at any global location chosen by the sponsor.

The dedicated laboratory has been installed with secure storage facilities with continuous alarm and temperature monitoring, including constant generator backup in the event of power disruption. We have the ability to store samples both for short and long term storage at ambient, refrigerated and frozen (-20,-70,-80 degrees Celsius) temperatures. Sonic Clinical Trials uses only courier…
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