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BD Biosciences


BD Biosciences

BD Biosciences is a world leader in bringing innovative diagnostic and research tools to life scientists, laboratory professionals and clinicians who are involved in basic research, drug discovery and development, biopharmaceutical production, and disease management.

Advanced flow cytometry and cellular analysis solutions

With a corporate philosophy of "Helping all people live healthy lives", this segment of BD has a focus on continually advancing the science and applications associated with cellular analysis. Continuing a legacy of innovation and technological excellence, BD Biosciences develops and supplies flow cytometry instrumentation, software, and reagents for cell isolation and analysis – both for research use and clinical diagnosis.

Additionally, they offer a selection of services around cell analysis and custom reagents to support drug development programs, and provide support in the form of in-depth knowledge and experience that comes from over 25 years of working with customers to develop these tools and to improve workflow, ease-of-use, and performance.

Flow cytometric instrumentation and software

Since commercialising the first cell sorter in 1973, BD Biosciences has continued to develop flow cytometry systems that are more powerful and more dependable. Today’s high-speed research flow cytometers include cell analysers and cell sorters, and range from easy-to-use benchtop systems to special order systems that can be configured to fit precise research and assay needs.

BD BioscienceFlow cytometry allows analysis of multiple parameters simultaneously in biological/cellular samples. BD’s development of instrumentation capable of detecting more parameters (more different fluorescent probes) at a time enables users to obtain more information per volume of sample, on a cell-by-cell basis. This ability to "multiplex", together with options for higher sample throughput and automation all factor in to increase throughput of this technology.

To address the need for increased data integrity, one of BD’s newest research analysis systems, the BD FACSVerse, is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

Cell isolation

BD Biosciences research cell sorters offer dependable, high performance cell isolation, with unique advantages of being able to isolate specific subsets and even rare subpopulations with very high purity. They also offer solutions for biosafety considerations. BD cell sorters support single-cell isolation, which can be useful for later downstream applications, such as cell cloning, next-gen sequencing, or other analysis.

Assay kits and reagents for phenotypic screening

BD BioscienceFlow cytometry-based assays offer high-content, single-cell data that can be useful in drug discovery. BD develops ready-to-use kits and reagents for advanced cell- and particle-based assays that can be used to explore cellular features and characterise cells through surface, intracellular, or secreted markers.

The antibody selection is extensive, and includes a kit that has several hundred different markers for cell surface protein expression screening. Antibodies and reagents conjugated to a wide choice of fluorochromes gives users more choice when combining parameters, enabling them to get more data per assay and per sample.

Clinical solutions

BD Biosciences clinical solutions include flow cytometry cell analysers, reagents, and software that help clinicians diagnose and improve patient care. The solutions are designed to simplify analysis and workflow while maintaining a high standard of reliability and consistency of results

Key applications:

  • Isolation of cells with high purity
  • Single-cell isolation for downstream culture or analysis
  • Protein expression screening
  • Cell phenotyping – cell surface and markers
  • Cellular monitoring in vaccine development
  • Cell-based functional assays
  • Cellular pathway analysis
  • Multiplexed quantitation of soluble proteins
  • Microbiological assays


BD Biosciences
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BD Accuri C6 Personal Flow Cytometer

The BD Accuri™ C6 is a personal flow cytometer that brings flow cytometry within reach by being easy to use, simple to maintain, and affordable.

Easy to useEase of use is a hallmark of the system. Designed for the non-flow expert, using the BD Accuri C6 users can begin collecting and analysing data with the help of a quick start guide. The intuitive interface of the software guides the user through workflows.4-colour analyserThe BD Accuri C6 is equipped with a…

Custom Products and Services

The BD Biosciences Custom Technology Team (CTT) is a specialised contract research group with core competencies in flow cytometry and multiplexed protein assay development.

They work in close collaboration with customers to provide solutions through custom reagents, panels, or assay development. Staffed by leading scientists with a breadth and depth of scientific and technical expertise, the CTT team will coordinate with researchers to study the problem at hand, make recommendations, and help implement solutions. In this way, BD Biosciences…

BD FACSAria Fusion Cell Sorter

The BD FACSAria™ Fusion improves on the solid foundation of patented technologies, exceptional multicolor performance, and ease-of-use that was first brought to the world of sorting by the launch of the BD FACSAria™ sorter in 2003.

The fusion of safety, performance, and sortingNow this sorting know-how is combined with best-in-class biosafety expertise to create the BD FACSAria Fusion, a fully integrated advanced cell sorter and biosafety solution for research laboratories.Biological safety in flow cytometry is an emerging requirement for core laboratories concerned about the potential accidental exposure of operators to biological…

BD FACSVerse Analytical Flow Cytometer

The BD FACSVerse™ flow cytometer was engineered from the ground up to offer remarkable performance, flexibility, and ease of operation for research applications using up to 10 parameters.

Optimal sensitivity and improved system performanceA number of innovations are built into the optical system. These include patented automated laser alignment, smart filter-mirror units for the detector arrays, and a stainless steel flow cell which all are designed to maximise reliability and improve system performance.Simplified setup and automatic compensationInnovation in hardware design, and in the…

BD LSRFortessa X-20 Analytical Flow Cytometer

The BD LSRFortessa™ X-20 cell analyser delivers high performance multicolor analysis with the most compact footprint in its class at just 76.2 x 73.7cm (30 x 29in.) and a height of just 76.2cm (30in.).

Designed for limited space and boundless potentialThe BD LSRFortessa X-20 can be configured with up to 5 lasers, which enables the detection of up to 20 parameters simultaneously. The most common laser choices are blue, red, violet, yellow-green, and UV. Additional laser choices are available and may be configured at the time of purchase or…

Bead-Based Immunoassays

BD™ Cytometric Bead Array (CBA) system allows users to quantify multiple proteins simultaneously, within the range of 0.274–200pg/mL.

Users can flexibly create their own robust-performing multiplexed assay, or use preconfigured kits, and readout is not restricted to a particular platform. The portfolio includes assays for quantitation of a variety cytokines, chemokines, growth factors, immunoglobulins, and phosphorylated cell signalling proteins.Multiplexed soluble protein quantitationThe BD CBA system uses antibody-coated beads to efficiently capture analytes, and…

Cell Isolation and Sorting: BD FACSJazz

BD Biosciences now offers a third system for flow cytometric cell sorting in addition to the BD FACSAria™ III and the BD Influx™.

The BD FACSJazz™ cell sorter signals a new era in cell sorting with dependable BD performance, but with a benchtop fit and an affordable price. It incorporates intelligent design features that make it easier to use and more approachable for a wide range of users, and ensure dependable performance.Factory-optimised settings and intuitive controlsThe cytometer uses…

Cellular Function Assays: Apoptosis, Cell Cycle, DNA Damage

BD Biosciences’ complete portfolio of easy-to-use kits and reagents for assays of cell cycle, proliferation, DNA damage and apoptosis are designed for single-cell analysis using flow cytometry.

Single-cell phenotyping and combined measures - more data per assayFlow cytometric assays provide rapid, quantitative data on the functional phenotype of cells. Because they provide results for each cell in your sample, rather than an average for all cells, they can capture the diversity of phenotypes in heterogeneous cell samples. Many of these assays can…

Flow Cytometry Research Reagents

BD Biosciences offers an extensive portfolio of high-quality fluorescent dye-conjugated reagents to support multicolor flow cytometry research applications. These include antibodies to a variety of cell surface and intracellular markers for human, non-human primate, and mouse cells, and covering a wide range of areas, including immunology, cell signalling and stem cell research.

Multicolour - for more data per assayFlow cytometry-based assays offer high-content, single-cell data that can be useful in drug discovery - for example, to monitor or screen cells for levels of surface, intracellular, or secreted markers, or functional assays. Employing assays that combinine multiple parameters, using differently coloured fluorochromes for each, offers more insight into…

Intracellular Marker Reagents: Cytokines, Signalling, Transcription Factors

Intracellular flow cytometry can provide rich information about cellular status and function that goes “beyond the surface”. Consider the examples of measuring cytokines to monitor immune responses, or transcription factors to follow differentiation.

Single-cell phenotypingUnlike lysate-based approaches, flow cytometry makes it possible to distinguish between a robust response within a small population of cells versus a smaller but more homogeneous response. Intracellular flow cytometry provides data on signaling responses, differentiation states, and other cellular events, such as apoptosis, proliferation, or cell cycle status. For some cell types (e.g.…
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