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Intracellular Marker Reagents: Cytokines, Signalling, Transcription Factors

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Intracellular flow cytometry can provide rich information about cellular status and function that goes “beyond the surface”. Consider the examples of measuring cytokines to monitor immune responses, or transcription factors to follow differentiation.

Single-cell phenotyping

Unlike lysate-based approaches, flow cytometry makes it possible to distinguish between a robust response within a small population of cells versus a smaller but more homogeneous response. Intracellular flow cytometry provides data on signaling responses, differentiation states, and other cellular events, such as apoptosis, proliferation, or cell cycle status. For some cell types (e.g. treg), definitive identification depends on the combined use of surface and intracellular markers such as cytokines or transcription factors.

Combined measures – more data per assay

The combined use of fluorescent antibodies specific for cell surface and intracellular markers enables high resolution comparative analyses of the phenotypic and functional differences within multiple cell types across samples. It also decreases data acquisition time and conserves precious samples, since more parameters can be measured on a per-cell basis.

Kits, buffers and protocols to facilitate intracellular flow assays

To facilitate intracellular flow cytometry assays, BD has developed several kits, buffers, and protocols. These include optimised systems for the detection of:

  • Cytokines
  • Transcription Factors
  • Phosphorylated Signaling Proteins

The BD Phosflow™ Violet Fluorescent Cell Barcoding Kit – an innovative reagent system for creating a unique fluorescent cell barcode on up to 16 samples – helps increase the throughput of phospho-protein screening.


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