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Cell Isolation and Sorting: BD FACSJazz

BD Biosciences

BD Biosciences now offers a third system for flow cytometric cell sorting in addition to the BD FACSAria™ III and the BD Influx™.

The BD FACSJazz™ cell sorter signals a new era in cell sorting with dependable BD performance, but with a benchtop fit and an affordable price. It incorporates intelligent design features that make it easier to use and more approachable for a wide range of users, and ensure dependable performance.

Factory-optimised settings and intuitive controls

The cytometer uses just a few controls that can be easily learned and managed. The simplified optical layout allows easy alignment while providing the stability necessary for high-sensitivity measurements, without the need for frequent adjustments.

Up to three lasers, up to six colours

Up to three lasers can be selected, including a standard blue laser and optional red, violet, and yellow-green lasers for a maximum of six supported colours (plus FSC and SSC) from two or three-laser configurations. Researchers can choose a laser configuration based on the fluorochromes that will be used, combining the standard blue laser with optional red, violet, and yellow-green lasers. These allow detection of the fluorochromes commonly used with antibody reagents, as well as a number of fluorescent reporter proteins and dyes.

Pre-selected sort settings – flexible collection devices

To make sorting approachable, many sort parameters are preselected for easy set up and consistency. A variety of different collection formats are supported: from tubes to slides to multi-well plates (up to 384-well). The automated deposition unit enables fast, precise motion control to effectively support cloning applications and single-cell analysis.


For applications in which it is required to protect the cells from contamination, or the operator and the environment from possible exposure to biological agents, the BD FACSJazz can easily be installed in a biological safety cabinet (BSC). The Baker company has verified that the Class II Type A2 BSC designed specifically for the instrument meets several European and International standards. In addition, all parts potentially in contact with biological material can be exchanged in less than 10 minutes using a disposable, gamma-irradiated fluidic kit.

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