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Custom Products and Services

BD Biosciences

The BD Biosciences Custom Technology Team (CTT) is a specialised contract research group with core competencies in flow cytometry and multiplexed protein assay development.

They work in close collaboration with customers to provide solutions through custom reagents, panels, or assay development. Staffed by leading scientists with a breadth and depth of scientific and technical expertise, the CTT team will coordinate with researchers to study the problem at hand, make recommendations, and help implement solutions. In this way, BD Biosciences technical know-how is translated into practical solutions that allow customers to focus on research.

Featured Services:

  • Immunophenotyping
  • Cell surface marker screening
  • Immune function testing
  • Phosphoprotein profiling

Custom Products

  • Antibody cocktails for multicolour flow cytometry
  • Premixed formulations for multiplexed protein quantitation assays (BD™ Cytometric Bead Array)
  • Pre-optimised cytokine flow cytometry kits
  • Lyophilized flow cytometry reagents and control cells


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