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June 17, 2010

New L&L Patent App for iPhone / iPad Released

A friendly and informative IP tool for iPhone / iPad brought to you by The Luzzatto Group was released on...
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Luzzatto & Luzzatto

Luzzatto & Luzzatto, one of the largest patent law firms in Israel, provides intellectual property services to clients throughout the world.

With dynamic departments in all relevant technological fields, the firm delivers high-quality and multi-faceted services to various industries and inventors.

The firm’s involvement in major patent and trademark cases puts it at the forefront of the IP field in the country.

Intellectual property, data management and solutions

True to its tradition the firm, established in 1869 in Milan, Italy, blends old world personal attention with state-of-the-art equipment and methods. Many efforts and considerable investments are devoted to acquiring, developing, constantly updating and improving office facilities and methods. Because of its particular requirements, the firm develops most of its software in-house, to provide its clients with continuously evolving sophisticated data management and solutions. Modern and diversified equipment contributes to the ability of the firm to provide real-time services combining efficiency with contained costs.

Because of the sophisticated equipment and methods used, only above-average personnel can find their place with L&L. It is L&L’s belief that maintaining the quality of the technical and administrative staff of the firm is a must in order to meet the exacting standards of the firm’s clients. The firm constantly invites criticism as a major tool for maintaining such standards.

These principles, and careful attention to details and to individual requirements, are important cornerstones of the firm’s endeavor to provide constantly improving and cost-effective services. With offices in three cities L&L’s locations function as an organic body which combines the best of both worlds.

L&L branches

Luzzatto & Luzzatto’s spacious offices at the Omer Industrial Park keep the firm’s partners and associates in contact with industrial R&D in a creative, high-quality environment; The Jerusalem offices serve the dual purpose of assisting L&L’s clients in the capital area, and of facilitating contacts with the Patent and Trademark Office, located next to L&L’s office building. The Tel-Aviv-based offices serve the most intensive commercial part of Israel.

One of the largest patent law firms

Being one of the largest patent law firms in Israel, Luzzatto & Luzzatto is not only able to provide diversified and comprehensive services, but does so efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

Luzzatto & Luzzatto attaches great importance to the continued education of both its technical and administrative personnel. Particular emphasis is placed on the training of the technical staff in search techniques, to ensure that prior art and validity searches are carried out competently and with the full participation of the patent attorney involved. Ultimately, however, Luzzatto & Luzzatto puts the satisfaction of its clients above all considerations, both on the professional and administrative level.

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Luzzatto & Luzzatto actively engages in all aspects of patent work, both for domestic and for foreign clients. On a daily basis L&L implement patent drafting, prosecution, opinion work and patent and literature searches.

Trademarks and Designs

With its dynamic trademark department, L&L provides services and advice in procuring and maintaining trademark rights in Israel and abroad. In an increasingly competitive environment and with the introduction of new products and companies on the Israeli market, L&L is actively involved in trademark disputes which may and do affect the commercial fate of valuable products.

It is L&L's belief that a well planned trademark policy results in better sales and fewer legal expenses. For this reason, L&L puts particular emphasis on trademark searches and conflict prevention, and assists its clients in choosing trademarks which will be less susceptible of litigation in important markets. L&L provides services and advice in procuring…
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