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EMTEX is a compact, independent company that offers worldwide professional medical writing services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, food and medical device industry.

With EMTEX’s expertise, we guarantee excellent and high quality services, tailored to the needs of your company, and delivered on time.

Whether your project concerns a regulatory submission or medical communication, EMTEX can help you to achieve your goals. Our approach is valued by several of the largest life sciences companies in Europe and the US.

Medical writing services

If your company is looking for excellent medical writing support then you should consider outsourcing to EMTEX, and you will gain a number of advantages.

For most companies, the bulk of medical writing tends to be piled towards the beginning and the end of clinical studies or during the preparation of a submission dossier. By opting to outsource at these peak moments, you can obtain quality services in a cost effective manner.

The scientific background and professional knowledge of our medical writers increase the speed of work to meet your deadlines.

Members of our medical writing team have a broad range of experience (from participation in several successful regulatory submissions) and an unbiased attitude.

Finally, high-quality documents delivered by our medical writing team can accelerate the preparation of the dossier for drug approval and market authorisation.

Company values

To reach our goals and serve our customers, the core company values are:

Team: Team spirit is most certainly a very important and necessary value at EMTEX to guarantee our customers the best possible service. The challenge is to find the optimal balance between all-round and specialised team members. Being a learning organisation, knowledge is shared amongst each other in an open and cooperating atmosphere.

Passion/positive culture: To do what we do and to be outstanding in what we do, it demands passion… every single day. Passion for the company and team, passion for the job, passion for the customer.

Top quality: EMTEX guarantees quality in our services. We are very proud to state, and it is confirmed by our customers, that EMTEX products and services are recognisable and stand out as a true quality label.

Customer: Customer relationships are very important. We strive to promote excellent customer relations by providing quality service.

Every value triggers another value and we believe that one value is useless without the others.


Contact details:

Polenlaan 56/1
9190 Stekene
Tel: +32 (0)3 790 16 90
Fax: +32 (0)3 790 16 99

Regulatory Medical Writing & Medical Communications

Our broad experience in the development of documents for different products and therapeutic fields allows us to deliver clear and well-structured documents.

We guarantee high quality services in a timely fashion and according to your company standards (e.g. standard operating procedures, document templates, style guidelines).EMTEX medical writers have the required skills and know-how to provide you with professional medical writing services across a wide variety of therapeutic fields. Regulatory Medical Writing(Commercial) BrochureBriefing Document(Commercial) BrochureCase Report Form(Investigator) NewsletterClinical Development…
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