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ADAPT Localization

The Translation and Localization Specialists

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ADAPT Localization

ADAPT Localization Services provides the full range of translation and localization for the Life Sciences, Medical and IT industries.

ADAPT is headquartered in Germany (Bonn), and maintains offices in Sweden (Stockholm) and Spain (Barcelona). These three currently accommodate over 30 permanent in-house staff: project managers, internal translation teams for German, French, Spanish, Swedish, and Catalan, localization engineers, DTP & graphics specialists, and administrative and technical support personnel. In addition, there is a strong base of experienced and thoroughly tested external collaborators when the workload exceeds the in-house capacities.

Authoring, layout services, localization consulting and readability testing

The company offers both the translation into a great variety of languages and the technical tasks involved, such as software engineering, localization testing, multimedia adaptation, pre-press work like Desktop Publishing, and the recreation of graphics. We also supply authoring and layout services, localization consulting and readability testing.

Through stable production teams and long-term cooperation with specialized partner companies around the world, ADAPT offers its services in all the target languages relevant to their clients. This allows the company to follow the principle of in-country translation also for languages in which it does not maintain own offices. It also adds scalability and flexibility to the processes and gives wider access to local specialists.

Localization of software interfaces

At ADAPT, we specialize. Medical & Life Sciences on one side, and Software, IT & Telecommunication on the other are what we know best, and this is what we stick to. After all, we think these fields are wide enough already. Yet, within these fields of expertise, we are positioned to work with all the materials you may require. Whether it is the localization of software interfaces, help systems, user manuals, training guides, multimedia presentations, marketing collaterals, instructions for use, regulatory documents… – ADAPT will deliver convincing results. Reliably, and on time.

One size fits all? At ADAPT, we do not think so. We strongly believe in customized solutions. Virtually each client company, and often enough each individual project, has its own processes, requirements, or limitations. We will set up each project according to its particular characteristics from the very beginning. And we will fit into your existing structures and workflows – instead of asking you to fit into ours.

In doing so, close communication with the client representatives before, during and after the project, meticulous planning, and an open, cooperative working style play an essential role. Successful localization is not only about file formats, languages, tools – building up and keeping alive the "team spirit" throughout the project and beyond is just as much a key factor.

Areas of Expertise

ADAPT specializes in language services in two major areas:

  • Medical & Life Sciences: diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, laboratory equipment, clinical trials, etc.
  • IT, Telecommunications and Internet: software, hardware, web technology, and eLearning.


ADAPT Localization Services GmbH
Clemens-August-Strasse 16-18
53115 Bonn

ADAPT Scandinavia
Götgatan 103
116 62 Stockholm

ADAPT España
Sancho de Ávila 163-165
08018 Barcelona

Tel: 49 228 98226 0

Pre-Press Services

ADAPT offers all localization-related technical services for all languages the company works with.

Besides software engineering, compilation, testing, etc., these include: Graphics Localization Using software programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, among others, various graphic formats can be localized, including PSD, EPS, BMP, JPG, AI, etc. Layout and Desktop Publishing ADAPT offers layout and desktop publishing services for all the languages the company provides translations for. Layout…

Localization Testing & Engineering

After the translation of a software product, the localized versions need to be checked for potential issues that can occur during the localization process. These include checks for linguistic, functional and cosmetic issues that need to be addressed before the product is published. ADAPT has software engineers and QA personnel on staff who are familiar…

Readability Tests

Since the end of 2005, it is a legal requirement within the European Union to perform readability tests on the Patient Information Leaflets (PILs) that are provided with all medicinal products. ADAPT offers both readability optimization and testing.

The company has trained teams of interviewers and developed a database of test persons which accurately represent all relevant groups of the population in terms of age, gender and education. Currently, readability testing is offered in German, English and Dutch; the service is under development in more countries.For more information, please contact us.

Translation & Localization

ADAPT offers translation, localization, and pre-press services in all languages relevant to their clients.

Through a worldwide network of own offices, established production teams, and certified, long-standing partner companies, ADAPT has access to a large pool of local linguistic, cultural and subject-matter expertise around the globe.At ADAPT, all translation and project management processes and Quality Assurance procedures are modelled according to ISO 9000 requirements and standards.The use of state-of-the-art…
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