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Advanced Scientific Analytical Instrumentation

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November 29, 2010

New European Centre for Chirality to Offer World Class Analytical and Scientific Services for Advancements in Chiral Chemical Processes

Ghent University, the University of Antwerp and BioTools Europe Ltd are delighted to announce a new partnership to create the...
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BioTools develops and manufactures advanced scientific analytical instrumentation providing a range of unique products including Vibrational Circular Dichroism (VCD) and Raman Optical Activity (ROA) which are used in a range of chiral based applications and are extensively applied to determine chiral structures and function of both small and bio-molecules.

VOA instrumentation for chirality-based analyses

The uniqueness of the VCD and ROA techniques is to obtain structural information without the need to undertake crystallisation, derivatisation, or the introduction of heavy atoms. This simplifies the analytical process providing high levels of confidence when obtaining chiral structural information.

We work with many major pharmaceutical companies providing instrumentation and services and have a strong work ethic under confidential relationships. We work closely with our customers as an extension to their own teams ensuring we impart our decades of knowledge, expertise and dedication to deliver the best possible instruments and analytical services.

We aim to continually develop the highest performance instrumentation to advance the knowledge of users that require the understanding of molecular structure and function. We will work in partnership and cooperation to obtain the technological advances necessary to ensure our innovation delivers instruments that really can make a positive difference.

Analytical services

To further support your research needs and budgets we offer flexible open access analytical services through the European Centre for chirality. This provides fast affordable access to critical chiral analysis, modelling and expertise of the highest standards.

BioTools offers this range of services in Europe through its newly formed alliance with University of Antwerp and Ghent University. The alliance of BioTools with the two universities is known as the European Centre for Chirality (EC2). This enables scientists to gain easy access to a wide body of knowledge, know-how, and advanced VOA instrumentation to provide fast and reliable chirality-based analyses. This, combined with our consultancy, and training programmes, helps to provide deeper insights into molecular structure and function than ever before.

BioTools Inc also offers analytical service outside of Europe from its head quarters in Florida, US.

Biotools Europe Ltd:
Tel: +44(0)1483688300

BioTools Inc:
Tel: +(1) 5616250133


ChiralRaman-2X is a unique high performance ROA instrument that it used in a number of structural biology based applications.

Amongst a range of applications it is used to provide detailed chiral structural information for studies of proteins, nucleic acids, viruses and other bio-molecules. The ChiralRaman-2X provides both Raman and ROA spectra information simultaneously from one instrument.


High performance VCD instrument that is extensively used by many pharmaceutical companies for a range of chiral Molecule based applications.

This high performance instrument delivers both VCD and FT-IR spectral information simultaneously giving you a wide range of molecular information from one instrument.It is ideal for Absolute Configuration Determination of small molecules, studies of chiral based reactions. Through recent publications it been shown that the ChiralIR-2X is an ideal tools for studies of macro chiral…


μChiralRaman-2X is an extension to the ChiralRaman-2x and incorporates a high performance optical microscope to extend its function to include Raman microscopy.

This innovative instrument allows four functional modes covering raman, ROA, optical microscopy and raman microscopy.For more information please click here. 


The Prota uses the ABB Bomem FT-IR.

This high performance instrument is ideal for Bio Molecular studies such as proteins and is used extensively in applications such as structural characterisation, formulation, and conformational studies. The product includes an FT-IR protein data base and is complete with GRAMS software. For more information please click here. 
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