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Precise, continually updated information is an essential element of the efficiency of the best products and services.

In order to fully meet its clients’ expectations in pharmaceutical and biotechnological research and development, GC-2 structures projects and proposes the most appropriate laboratory solutions, focusing on management and effective results. This is how GC-2 makes safe, profitable decisions, guaranteeing the success of your investment.

After all, what impact will the wrong scientific research have on the success of your investment?

Laboratory Solutions

The GC-2 business model is based on control and management of the laboratory process based on specialized R&D knowledge. For this reason, GC-2 works with structured clinical laboratories with different specialty area focuses. GC-2 provides central laboratory solutions following strict certified quality control and best scientific practices. GC-2’s services are built on the foundation of detailed knowledge specific to laboratory and research processes gained through the accumulated experience of its professional team over many years.

  • Pre-implementation support for projects
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project scope consulting
  • Project development and write-up
  • A large variety of laboratory tests, including rare tests and safety tests
  • Results with flags and delta-flags customized for each protocol
  • Approval and management of laboratories for specialized requirements
  • Implementation and validation of tests on demand
  • Harmonization of laboratory methodologies and assays
  • Post-analytic advisory services: clinical laboratory interpretation

Project Management

GC-2 is the first company in Brazil with exclusive knowledge of management and control of research laboratory processes for pre-clinical and clinical stages.

With a computer system developed especially for integrated information management, GC-2 provides the client and researchers pre-defined levels of access so they can monitor all research in real time by accessing results and management reports. This not only streamlines decision making, but also considerably increases research and investment safety margins.

Support when implementing protocols and trials

  • Dedicated system set up
  • Training for each protocol or trial
  • Specific laboratory manual for each project
  • Pre-clinical and clinical development project management
  • Network structuring and management
  • Post-installation support
  • Query management
  • Laboratory monitoring
  • Delivery of results through web portal or data transfer
  • Technical support for pre-clinical and clinical regulatory stages

Central Laboratory

In conjunction with the project office concept, GC-2 complements its portfolio of Central Laboratory services as the first Brazilian company dedicated to and specialized in clinical stage research processes in Brazil and Latin America.

Proprietary management system complying with international standards.Periodic management reports that keep clients up-to-date on process flow and project status, facilitating decision making.Samples analyzed in laboratories participating in the most important quality certification and control programs.Laboratories accredited and approved for a large variety of routine clinical tests.Laboratory processes guaranteed by periodic validation and frequent equipment updates.Real-time…

Research and Development Center

Simultaneous support in the pre-clinical and clinical R&D stages makes GC-2 an indispensible partner for developing special projects that require an integrated, realistic, accurate and critical vision of the pharmaceutical and biotechnological scientific development process.

Proprietary management system for project structuring and managementFeasibility studies, conceptualization, and technical and scientific positioning generates intellectual capital based on a foundation of specialized knowledgeTechnical and medical advisory services to interpret and indicate tests, including outlining of pharmacologic and toxicologic studies, definition of animal models and proof of conceptStrategies for developing and managing a competency…
Quick Contact GC-2
Quick Contact GC-2
Quick Contact GC-2

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Quick Contact GC-2
Quick Contact GC-2

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