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NSF International

October 21, 2019

NSF International Expands Health Sciences Group With Acquisition of Majority Interest in Amarex CRO

The transaction creates a single access point for medical device and pharma/biotech product developers seeking integrated, expert services throughout the...
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September 26, 2019

NSF to Host Webinar: The UK Qualified Person – Best Practice for Gaining Eligibility

NSF will be hosting a webinar about the best practices for gaining eligibility as a UK Qualified Person on 8...
pharmacuetical business review


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NSF International

Regulatory and Compliance Consulting, Auditing and Pharmaceutical Training


NSF International’s pharmaceutical services include world-class regulatory and compliance consulting, auditing, residential, on-site and online pharmaceutical training.

Recent public health concerns and challenges have underscored regulators’ proactive pursuit of compliance in the pharmaceutical industry. The market’s need for outsourced, independent, third-party pharmaceutical and biotech support services has been recognised by industry experts.

Regulatory and compliance support, auditing and training services

NSF offers regulatory, compliance, auditing and training solutions that are tailored to your industry requirements and company-specific objectives.

Made from former EU and US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officials, as well as industry experts, the company’s staff enable it to combine global regulatory knowledge with industry best practices to help its clients achieve what they need to, all while remaining updated during an increasingly turbulent time of change.

NSF cares about its clients, which is why more than 87% come back for more.

Pharmaceutical and biotech support services

NSF’s provides you with solutions across the product lifecycle, including:

•   Customised education programmes that will change behaviours, improve performance and future-proof your organisation. You are only as good as your people.

•   Qualified person education – More people have become qualified persons (QP) in Europe through NSF’s QP training programme than any other training provider

•   Remediation consultancy – Helping you successfully manage warning letters, consent decrees, import alert notifications, World Health Organisation (WHO) delisting and removal of manufacturing and marketing licenses in the EU. With NSF, you will become better prepared and emerge as a stronger company

•   Quality system simplification, implementation, compliance assessment and benchmarking against best industry practice – NSF wants you to have a quality system that will provide you with commercial advantage. One that is simple and effective

•   Regulatory inspection readiness and mock inspections – NSF will help you to succeed in your next FDA, EU or WHO inspection

•   Data integrity assessments – Let NSF help you find and close the gap before it’s too late

•   Helping you to error-proof your processes and systems and drive continuous improvement

•   Leadership development and coaching

•   Auditing of third parties and suppliers – Let NSF help you to sleep easy at night

•   Due diligence audits – NSF will help you spend your money wisely

•   Auditor certification – NSF will independently certify your good manufacturing practice (GMP) auditors so you can be confident with their findings

•   GMP remediation – Programmes that provide a sustainable, proportionate and comprehensive roadmap to survive and then thrive in the field of bio and biosimilar manufacturing

•   Corporate due diligence, risk assessment and specialist consultancy when acquiring or merging with bio-production facilities outside your organisation

Medical device consulting, training and auditing solutions

NSF offers comprehensive medical device consulting, training and auditing.

The company helps clients navigate international regulatory hurdles throughout the product lifestyle. It has combined regulatory and industry expertise across all therapeutic areas and provides customised consulting services in a number of areas.

NSF will help you enhance and embed the right culture throughout your organisation.


Europe Office:

The Georgian House
22/24 West End
York, YO62 6AF, UK
Phone: +44 (0) 1751 432 999

US Office:

2001 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Suite 950
Washington, DC 20006 USA
Phone: 202 822 1850

Consulting, Auditing and Assessment

NSF International’s unique team of ex-regulatory agency inspectors and highly experienced industry professionals provide authoritative consulting and auditing services to major pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies and regulatory agencies worldwide.

NSF provides in-depth, expert assessment of technical issues and help outsource your entire supplier audit programme, as well as specialist services in areas such as cost-effective quality management; manufacturing of major dosage forms, including sterile and biotech products; pharmaceutical packaging; clinical trial manufacturing; supply and good clinical practice (GCP); and pharmacovigilance (PV); as well as…

Regulatory / Clinical Support

NSF International provides regulatory solutions and strategic input across a wide variety of therapeutic areas.

The company offers expert US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulatory / clinical support and consulting services to all sizes of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, investment firms and regulatory or litigation counsels needing experts to interpret or navigate the intricacies of FDA pharmaceutical and biotechnology regulations. NSF provides regulatory strategies based on your corporate objectives…

Remediation / Quality Systems Compliance

NSF International has substantial experience in creating, implementing, reviewing and remediating pharmaceutical quality systems (QS) for a variety of organisations.

Strong and robust quality systems are required for companies to consistently and reliably produce safe, high-quality products and services. Regulatory inspections from authorities may require pharmaceutical biotech companies to respond to specific enforcement actions. NSF International helps with regulatory compliance through an experienced team, which includes former US Food and Drink Administration (FDA) and UK…

Data Integrity Support

Drawing on NSF International’s years of experience both in industry and within a regulatory authority, the company provides a full range of data integrity auditing, assessment and training services from data integrity-focused audits to auditor training.

NSF’s data integrity and assessment audits help you find issues, its remediation consulting services help you fix your data integrity issues, and its training helps you prevent future data integrity issues.

Investigation and CAPA System Assessment and Training

Pharmaceutical failure investigations and corrective and preventative action (CAPA) system weaknesses are consistently among the top most frequently cited regulatory observations.

The most common regulatory concern is that investigations fail to thoroughly conduct root cause analysis (RCA) and fail to link corrective and preventative actions to the root causes identified. Often companies are cited for not considering the potential magnitude of an event or not considering other batches previously produced and possibly released into the market.…

Pharma Training and Education

NSF International is known worldwide for its high-quality pharmaceutical training and education.

The company offers comprehensive training programmes that are designed to develop the knowledge and skills needed to meet the challenges of a global and complex pharmaceutical industry. Its programmes are frequently global in scope and may be adapted to a local language and culture. NSF International finds that companies that proactively seek NSF’s educational services…
Quick Contact NSF International
Quick Contact NSF International

NSF International Expands Health Sciences Group With Acquisition of Majority Interest in Amarex CRO

The transaction creates a single access point for medical device and pharma/biotech product developers seeking integrated, expert services throughout the...
21st October 2019

NSF to Host Webinar: The UK Qualified Person – Best Practice for Gaining Eligibility

NSF will be hosting a webinar about the best practices for gaining eligibility as a UK Qualified Person on 8...
26th September 2019

Join NSF’s Robyn Meurant and Rachel Carmichael at the MMPathIC Event, September 23, 2019

The Manchester Molecular Pathology Innovation Centre (MMPathIC), in collaboration with the Diagnostics and Technology Accelerator (DiTA) and NIHR Manchester Biomedical...
16th September 2019

NSF’s Responsible Person Course Is Now MHRA Recognized and Cogent Gold Standard Approved

We are very pleased to announce that NSF’s Responsible Person and Good Distribution Practice course now meets the Cogent Gold...
28th August 2019

NSF International’s Courses for September 2019

NSF International's September courses are filling up fast, book now to secure your place.
19th August 2019

Join Us at the 2019 ISPE Singapore Conference and Exhibition on 21-23 August

NSF’s Lynne Byers and Rachel Carmichael will be attending the ISPE Conference and Exhibition – Technology Innovations, Improving Healthcare in...
15th August 2019

Webinar: Introduction to the GMP Standard for OTC Drug Manufacture NSF/ ANSI 455-4 – 2018

The NSF/ANSI 455 standard was released July 2018 after several years of work by the Joint Committee of Good Manufacturing...
10th July 2019

Complimentary Webinar – How to Deal With the New Post-Market Surveillance Requirements

Join us for a complimentary webinar about the new Medical Device Regulation 2017/745 that was published in May 2017. This...
31st May 2019

Take Advantage of NSF’s Supplier Management Training

The UK Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency (MHRA) recently published a new post called: “What does qualification of suppliers mean...
31st May 2019

Upcoming Pharma Training from NSF

NSF has announced a number of pharma courses fast approaching. Make sure you don’t miss out and remember to take...
15th May 2019

Join Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s 16th Joint Qualified Person Symposium

NSF International’s pharmaceutical team is proud to be exhibiting and speaking at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s 16th Joint Qualified Person...
8th May 2019

Webinar: How to Write a Contamination Control Strategy for Your Production Facility

NSF International’s pharma webinars are short, interactive sessions featuring its world-leading experts discussing topics of current concern.
4th April 2019

Complimentary NSF Webinar: Implementing a Simplification Strategy

We all recognise the importance of simplifying pharmaceutical operations. Implementing such a strategy, however, can be inherently challenging in a...
2nd April 2019

Meet NSF at Making Pharmaceuticals, Coventry

NSF International will be exhibiting at the leading UK pharmaceutical exhibition and conference, Making Pharmaceuticals, at the Ricoh Arena in...
2nd April 2019

Upcoming Complimentary Webinar from NSF

NSF has announced its new webinar, 'How to Install a Data Governance Process from Ground Zero'.
5th March 2019

Understanding Current Requirements for Pharmaceutical Validation

Validation is one of the cornerstones of a pharmaceutical quality system where requirements have evolved considerably over recent years.  To...
12th February 2019

Free Webinar from NSF: Want Answers to Your Big Problems? Try Disruptive Thinking

NSF expert Martin Lush wants your input to this 30-minute webinar.
6th February 2019

Are You Keeping Up To Date With Changes To Pharmaceutical Laws and Guidance?

The legal and regulatory environment affecting the pharmaceutical industry is in a period of unprecedented change. 
4th February 2019

Regulatory Affairs for QA and QPs Workshops

One of the primary roles for Qualified Persons (QP) and other quality professionals is to make sure that the products...
28th January 2019

2019 IPEC Europe Annual Excipients Forum, Malta

Recognised to be one of the key events for pharmaceutical excipients in Europe, this year’s IPEC Europe Annual Excipients Forum will focus on...
14th January 2019

NSF Launches Three New Pharma eLearning Sessions

NSF International has just launched three new eLearning sessions to support and complement the face-to-face training programs offered.
17th December 2018

Upcoming Pharmaceutical Course’s from NSF in 2019

NSF International is known worldwide for the high quality of its pharmaceutical training and education.
11th December 2018

NSF Black Friday Special Offer for Pharma Training

Get 50% off NSF’s pharma eLearning and £100 off selected 2019 pharma training workshops this Black Friday!
19th November 2018

NSF Discusses Implications of Brexit at ISPE UK Annual Conference, Old Windsor

NSF’s executive director of pharma biotech Pete Gough will be speaking at the ISPE UK Annual Conference in Old Windsor,...
6th November 2018

NSF to Attend PDA Europe Conference, Spain

NSF’s executive director and ex-Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) inspector Rachel Carmichael will be speaking at the Outsourcing...
23rd October 2018

NSF Launches Further Qualified Person Training in 2019

What does the future hold for the qualified person (QP) post-Brexit? There has been much debate on this matter. We...
23rd October 2018

Complimentary Training Session to Celebrate New NSF Training Academy

NSF International Pharma Biotech has announced a focused, challenging workshop aimed to improve your understanding of human error.
11th October 2018

NSF Announce Pharma Training in October, November and December

NSF has announced a wide range of courses taking place throughout October, November and December.
20th September 2018

Book Your Place on NSF’s Upcoming Pharmaceutical Training Workshops

NSF has announced three focused interactive workshops coming up early October 2018 in Watford, UK.
11th September 2018

NSF International to Attend CPhI Worldwide in Madrid, Spain

NSF International has announced that its pharma biotech team will be exhibiting at CPhI Worldwide in Madrid, Spain.
7th September 2018

NSF Releases Two New Pharma eLearning Sessions

NSF International provides a comprehensive range of support services for the pharmaceutical industry covering consulting, training, auditing, remediation, quality systems...
30th August 2018

Upcoming Pharmaceutical Courses from NSF

NSF has announced its upcoming courses. Make sure you remember to take advantage of any discounts you could be entitled...
17th August 2018

Meet NSF at the 78th FIP World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

NSF has announced it will be exhibiting at the 2018 International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) World Congress in Glasgow, Scotland.
17th August 2018

Incident Management and Human Error Prevention Workshops

• Incident Management – 11 September 2018, Stansted, UK • Human Error Prevention – 12-13 September 2018, Stansted, UK
31st July 2018

NSF International Launches Pharma Biotech eLearning

NSF International provides a comprehensive range of support services for the pharmaceutical industry covering consulting, training, auditing, remediation, quality systems...
16th April 2018

NSF’s Pharmaceutical June Validation Training Week – Have you signed up?

Validation as a concept has been an integral part of pharmaceutical quality management for decades but has undergone some radical...
5th April 2018

NSF at Making Pharmaceuticals, 24-25 April, 2018, Coventry, England

NSF International will be exhibiting at Making Pharmaceuticals UK exhibition and conference. The exhibition features companies that are fundamental to...
20th March 2018

NSF: Making Pharmaceuticals Europe, 13-14 March, 2018, Brussels, Belgium

NSF International will be exhibiting at the free-to-attend Making Pharmaceuticals Europe exhibition and conference.
12th February 2018

NSF International Launches Pharma Biotech e-Learning in April 2018

NSF International will launch its pharma biotech e-Learning program in April 2018. NSF’s online pharmaceutical training will allow you or...
5th February 2018

Lynne Byers and David Waddington Join NSF International’s Pharma Biotech Service in Europe

New leaders each bring over 30 years of management and quality assurance experience to NSF International
16th November 2017

Pharma Integrates 2017 – Meet NSF, 15-16 November, London, UK

After the success of the 2016 conference, NSF International are pleased to be exhibiting again at Pharma Integrates 2017.
3rd October 2017

NSF International Adds Pharma Biotech Services to India Office

NSF’s pharma biotech experts now serving India’s pharmaceutical industry from Gurugram office
17th August 2017

NSF International’s Pharma Biotech Must-Have App

NSF International, a leading provider of support services for the pharmaceutical industry, providing consulting, training, auditing, testing, remediation, quality systems...
23rd May 2017

NSF Regulatory Radar: 21st Century Cures Act, Promoting Innovation

The Cures Act aims to promote Drug Development Tools and Continuous Manufacturing innovations to speed up and enhance the development...
23rd May 2017

NSF at the 2nd PDA Europe Annual Meeting, 13-14 June, 2017, Berlin, Germany

NSF International’s pharma biotech team is proud to be attending the 2nd PDA Europe Annual Meeting, which will be held...
22nd May 2017

Meet NSF at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s 15th Joint Qualified Person Symposium

NSF International’s pharma biotech team is proud to be sponsoring the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s 15th Joint Qualified Person (QP) Symposium,...
3rd May 2017

NSF: Education Is What Remains When Training Has Been Forgotten!

We all know pharmaceutical products are only as good as the people involved in making them. How a company educates...
28th March 2017

NSF: Making Pharmaceuticals

NSF International will be exhibiting at Making Pharmaceuticals, the only dedicated free to attend event in the UK that addresses...
17th March 2017

NSF International: Coping With Brutal Disruption – Six Simple Rules

In a world of ever-increasing and sometimes unpredictable change, it has never been more important for pharmaceutical companies to bounce...
24th February 2017

NSF International and IDMA Offer Pharmaceutical Quality Management Education in Bangalore

Advanced Program in Pharmaceutical Quality Management leads to an international certification in pharmaceutical GMP compliance from NSF International and Indian...
7th February 2017

Physicians Interactive Becomes Aptus Health, Offering a Global Digital Health Engagement Solution

Change reflects the company’s evolution to a strategic partner, delivering data-driven digital and mobile health engagement campaigns that empower better...
19th November 2015

Physicians Interactive Advances Global Health Digital Engagement by Acquiring Univadis

Physicians Interactive® (PI) announced today the launch of its recently acquired Univadis platform, the world’s largest healthcare professional (HCP) network.
22nd October 2015

Diapharm to raise international awareness of country-specific traditional medicines

Pharmaceutical service provider Diapharm is planning to raise the profile of traditional herbal medicinal products which have to date only...
1st June 2012

NSF International Acquires David Begg Associates

NSF International recently announced the acquisition of David Begg Associates (DBA), a UK-based organisation that provides professional, high-quality training and...
18th March 2010
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What Does Your Company QMS Look Like?

A highly diversified pharmaceutical company based outside of Europe has grown by acquisition and as a consequence has developed a...
17th September 2018

Does Your Pharmaceutical Quality System Improve Your Competitive Edge?

There are some companies that believe their pharmaceutical quality system (PQS) exists purely for regulatory compliance. We think this attitude...
22nd August 2018

Preparing For A Regulatory Inspection

Problem: A project had been running for ten years and had not had a regulatory inspection. There had been many...
17th August 2018

NSF details how Changing Behaviours can Reduce Risk and Cost

A client investigation identified inconsistencies in hand sanitization, failed retraining efforts and continued problems at an annual cost of over...
14th June 2017

NSF Provides Customised Education on Error Prevention and Reduction

One of NSF's clients was unhappy with their annual $1.2m error bill and unnerved by their legacy risk. Most deviations...
27th February 2017

Simplification and Improvement of a Change Control System with NSF

NSF believes that simplification motivates and inspires. Through its dealings with a particular client, it found that people went from...
27th February 2017
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