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Akzo Nobel Salt


Akzo Nobel Salt

Akzo Nobel Salt are committed to purity their customers can rely on. Salt in its purest form and without additives, plays an essential role in the pharmaceutical industry, in the manufacture of cosmetics, as well as medical and pharmaceutical products.


When life depends on purity of salt

  • Extraordinary chemically purity – non-pyrogenic
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients – API
  • Comply with the monographs of all international pharmacopoeia
  • Ph. Eur., USP, JP, KP, Ph. Rus. and Ch. P.
  • Comply with ACS requirements
  • Sanal® P Sodium Chloride Pharmaceutical Quality – API quality
  • Sanal® SQ Sodium Chloride Chemical Pure Quality – API quality
  • Dedicated manufacturing line and finishing area – FDA approved
  • Quality control based on GMP-ICH Q7A guidelines for API

Highly pure sodium chloride is also an indispensable component in chemical-technical applications and in the manufacture of laboratory chemicals. Akzo Nobel Salt guarantee that the manufacture and quality in their dedicated production facility for Sanal® meets the GMP- ICH Q7A guidelines. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved them to this effect in March 2006.

Contact details:
Akzo Nobel Salt A/S

Hadsundvej 17
DK 9550 Mariager
Phone: +45 9668 7888
Fax: +45 9668 7870

Sanal® – High and Consistent Quality

Sanal® products exceed the stringent requirements of monographs of the international pharmacopoeias Ph. Eur., USP, JP, KP and Ph. Rus.

They achieve this by using a dedicated production line. Manufacturing in all processing steps is subject to strict quality controls pursuant to the guidelines for the manufacture of pharmaceutical agents (GMP-ICH Q7A). Sanal® products are free from bacterial endotoxins (non-pyrogenic).

Sanal® – Unique Product Range

Where you have to rely on purity, Akzo Nobel Salt Specialties offers two qualities as API (Active Pharmaceutical ingredient):

Sanal® P Sodium Chloride Pharmaceutical QualityThis is an active ingredient present in both parenteral and peritoneal solutions, and is a base material for haemodialysis and haemofiltration solutions, as well as other pharmaceutical applications.Sanal® P+ Sodium Chloride Pharmaceutical QualityThis ingredient is used for specific market requirements as active ingredient like Sanal® P. Sanal® SQ satisfies the ACS…
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Quick Contact Akzo Nobel Salt

Quick Contact Akzo Nobel Salt
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