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Gum Base Supplier for Confectionery, Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Chewing Gums

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July 25, 2014

Cafosa Obtains Intertek CSR Certification

We are proud to announce that some weeks ago at Cafosa we achieved the Workplace Conditions Assesment (WCA) by Intertek.
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Cafosa is part of the Wrigley/Mars group of companies that are leading the chewing gum market supplying gum base for confectionery, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical applications.

Gum base is the main ingredient used to produce chewing gum, a combination of polymers, resins and softeners plus an inorganic filler that gives different textures and chewing properties to chewing gum depending on its composition.

Health in Gum: Compressible powder gum with gum base and polyols

cafosa   Cafosa has developed an innovative concept for the pharmaceutical industry: Health in Gum is an excipient, a directly compressible powder gum that contains a mix of gum base and polyols to which you can add your active ingredient in order to produce a compressed chewing gum.

Medicated chewing gum: Alternative to traditional oral drug delivery systems

This medicated chewing gum with Health in Gum offers a wide range of advantages, such as:

  • Attractive and pleasant format that improves compliance
  • Fast onset of action and search for immediate effect
  • Patient’s active control over treatment
  • Systemic and local effect
  • Reduction of exposure to gastrointestinal side effects caused by APIs or excipients
  • For either therapeutic or functional use
  • Inherent benefits of chewing gum

5 reasons to innovate with Health in Gum

1) The making of compressed chewing gum products has never been so easy

  • There are different grades of Health In Gum (with different composition) so you can select the Health in Gum that meets your requirements
  • Choose your final touch by designing your own formula with your API or APIs – Health in Gum is so versatile that it will help you manufacture a wide variety of compressed chewing gum

2) Standard pharma equipment

  • Health in Gum is a unique and special pharmaceutical excipient that enables you to produce compressed chewing gum
  • It is specially manufactured for use in pharmaceutical facilities and does not require specific chewing gum production equipment
  • It performs excellently using standard tabletting equipment

3) Technically superior

  • Health in Gum is directly compressible
  • Provides an excellent flow and it is easy to tablet
  • Homogenous particle size distribution
  • Health in Gum works at room temperature, which allows the use of thermo sensitive APIs
  • Health in Gum is ideal for water sensitive APIs

4) High quality standards

  • Cafosa Health in Gum facilities meet the highest international standards including ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and ISO 14001
  • Our HACCP system ensures compliance with the most demanding standards in food safety
  • Health in Gum is produced according to cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) principles for pharmaceutical excipients

5) A business opportunity

Health in Gum offers an innovative drug delivery system, specifically developed to help you extend your product range and set new trends in the market by providing:

  • Market differentiation
  • Portfolio enlargement and product rejuvenation
  • Added value for customers

Bioavailability profiles of APIs

Health in Gum opens a door to new formulations and also reformulates existing drugs in an innovative delivery system, ideal for those who are searching for new bioavailability profiles of APIs.

Moreover, further benefits inherent to chewing gum:

  • Weight management: Chewing sugar free gum helps to control appetite, decreases calorie intake and reduces snack cravings
  • Stress relief: Chewing gum is associated with reducing stress, and decreasing anxiety levels
  • Increases alertness and concentration: Chewing gum helps with multi-tasking increasing focus and concentration
  • Improves oral health: Chewing sugar free gum after meals is clinically proven to be an important part of a good oral health


Calabria, 267
08029 Barcelona

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