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Tabletting Technologies Made in France



MEDELPHARM develops and manufactures innovative solutions for research and development (R&D) tablet presses and powder characterisation services.

The company also offers a comprehensive range of powder compaction services, as well as troubleshooting and ongoing support, which helps clients achieve long-term targets of reducing transposition and manufacturing costs and increasing production efficiency for a wide range of applications.

MEDELPHARM’s global team of highly skilled professionals are experts in the field of engineering, software development, tabletting technologies and formulation. Its team is on hand to offer continuing support to help with any issues that may arise along the way from early research to production.

R&D tablet presses for drug development

MEDELPHARM’s R&D tablet presses portfolio includes:

•   STYL’One CLASSIC, a fast one-sided multilayer development press

•   STYLCAM, a rotary press compaction simulator

•   STYL’One Evolution, the latest servo-mechanical compaction simulator that is built with the flexibility and multilayer capacity of the classic STYL’One and the speed and simulation function of the STYLCAM

All presses are equipped with ANALIS, a state-of-the-art data acquisition, control and reporting system.

In addition, ANALIS incorporates multilayer, good manufacturing practice (GMP) production and automated research functions.

MEDELPHARM is an exclusive distributor in France of ADVANTEST THz non-destructive solutions; FITZPATRICK Size Reduction & Roller Compactors; O’HARA Continuous Coaters; QUADRO Milling & Sifting; RIVA tablet presses; Romaco Kilian Production Presses; and XPLore Micro Extruders for Hotel Melt Extrusion.

Strategic partnerships and academic exchange

MEDELPHARM’s laboratory at the University of Lyon is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and instruments. It represents an ideal test and demonstration platform.

Its continual exchange with many universities worldwide that specialise in pharmaceutical technology, pharmaceutics and nutrition ensures the company has an up-to-date knowledge about the latest trends and innovations.

Due to its strategic merger with powder compression services company OPTITAB, MEDELPHARM has successfully managed to expand its services. Together, they offer:

•   Powder analysis and characterisation

•   Theoretical and hands-on training on tablet presses and tools

•   Troubleshooting in production

•   Process optimisation


12 rue des Petites Combes
F-017100 Beynost
Phone: +33 478 976 210
Fax: +33 478 881 865
Contact form:

R&D, Scale-up and Production Support

STYL'One Research RobotOnly one punch is moving on this R&D press at a speed close to 300 mm/sec, more than 5 times faster than available technology.Full control of the compression cycle through the programming of the main drive: Pre- and main compression, tamping and multilayer, extended dwell time 4 ms to 2 seconds, force-, or…

R&D Tablet Press

MEDELPHARM offers its new STYL'One Evolution R&D tablet press. The system combines all the benefits of the company's STYLCAM system, including ease of use, high-speed production simulation, and robustness and precision, and STYL'One, which can quickly and easily perform compression studies.Batch production is up to 1200 tablets/hour and the standard compression force of 30 kN…

Roller Compactors and Mills

Medelpharm is the French partner for IDEX Corporation and the distributing processing equipment of QUADRO and Fitzpatrick. The roller compactor Chilsonator System model CCS 220/M3B is: Ideal for research and development (R&D), pilot plant and small production Compact design with low-profile/minimal headroom required Ultimate good manufacturing practice (GMP) design that is easy-to-disassemble and clean, has…

QUADRO Leading Process Equipment Innovation

MEDELPHARM represents and distributes the QUADRO product line in France and other French-speaking territories. Part of the IDEX Corporation, Quadro Engineering is one of the industry leaders in providing processing equipment for size reduction and screeners. The conical mill, Comil, was invented by Quadro in 1976 and brought to market that same year. This revolutionary technology…

STYL’One Evolution Scale-up and Powder Characterisation at Production Speed

Leveraging on the STYL'One classic technology introduced in 2009, the STYL'One Evolution brings you new level of performances with a volume reduction at a speeds close to 700mm/sec. Both punches are moving using the same technology, bringing you all the additional benefits of high-speed production press scale-up. Multi-layer tool from early research to scale-up at…

STYLCAM 200R High Speed Rotary Press Simulator

The STYLCAM research and development (R&D) press can handle pre-clinical batches of up to 25kg. Clinical batches will be manufactured as if they were made on an industrial rotary tablet press at a typical production speed of 300 000 tablets/hour. Usage and test of your standard tooling. R&D scale-up press STYLCAM 200R guarantees to reliably…

STYL’One Research Robot

Only one punch is moving on this research and development (R&D) press at a speed close to 300mm/sec. Full control of the compression cycle is achieved through the programming of the main drive, including for pre-compression and main compression, tamping and multilayer, and dwell time. Scientists can define the design space and then automatically perform…
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