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Tabletting Technologies Made in France

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R&D, Scale-up and Production Support


STYL’One Research Robot


Only one punch is moving on this R&D press at a speed close to 300 mm/sec, more than 5 times faster than available technology.
Full control of the compression cycle through the programming of the main drive: Pre- and main compression, tamping and multilayer, extended dwell time 4 ms to 2 seconds, force-, or displacement-driven compression mode.

The scientist can define the design space and then automatically perform the experiments in the most efficient way

The combination of automation and data acquisition makes set-up an easy
and quick operation.

Single-layer Version

This single-sided machine is fully instrumented and controls:

  • In-depth analysis of powder characteristics
  • like saw tooth profile, pre-compressions influence, strain rate.
  • Programmable dwell time from 5 ms to more than 2 seconds.
  • Single layer tablet production with a maximum output of 900 tablets/hour
  • Hand-feed, gravity or forced feed paddle fill shoe
  • Force/displacement/ejection on both punches
  • optional instrumented die and/or incremental transducers
  • Radial die wall pressure measurement (optional)
  • ANALIS control and data acquisition software with the capacity of
  • programming individual compression cycles
  • Possible connection to other lab equipment (like scale, multi-check, hardness tester etc)
  • Easy disassembling and cleaning of parts
  • Main compression up to 50 kN
  • Configuration for oversized tablets:
  • 40 mm diameter, +30 mm fill (optional)

The fastest Single-sided Multi-layer Press

Multilayer is increasingly utilized for therapeutics benefits. The complexity involved in producing such tablets is largely reduced using a Styl’One. Dosing and tamping of each layer ensures the smooth creation of tablets. A single button allows for easy weighing of each layer and tamping force calculation independently.


The multi-layer version controls:

  • Easy multi-layered tableting
  • Up to 5 layer tablets, with up to 3 different powders
  • Vacuum system to prevent cross contamination
  • between the layers
  • Core feeding for tab-in-tab (optional)
  • Small batch tablet production
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