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QUADRO Leading Process Equipment Innovation


MEDELPHARM represents and distributes the QUADRO product line in France and other French-speaking territories. Part of the IDEX Corporation, Quadro Engineering is one of the industry leaders in providing processing equipment for size reduction and screeners.

The conical mill, Comil, was invented by Quadro in 1976 and brought to market that same year. This revolutionary technology became the new standard in size reduction technology because of its high-quality, durable construction and its advantages over other technologies.

With it’s deceptive simplicity, Comil has many imitators but none have the quality of workmanship, the warranty, the breadth of options, the expertise or the number of installations testifying to the Quadro Comil’s many beneficial aspects.

While the basic design and concept remains unchanged over the years, continual improvements such as increased screen options, ATEX rating, and complex turnkey systems have further added to Quadro’s proud legacy as market, innovation and quality leader in the industry.

With the success of the Comil, Quadro developed the FlexSift in 2005. The FlexSift allows for unmatched performance and integration within the security screening and delumping industry. It’s built on the time tested and proven Comil technology and has proven to be as durable and reliable.

Quadro also developed a system for applications that required the production of a very small particle, within a small particle size distribution range. This ‘system’ was developed on one platform, called the Fine Grind F10. It consists of a Milling Head, a Product Feeder, a Control Panel and a Product Collector. The Fine Grind F10 is also backed by the same principles, warranty, wide range of tooling and commitment to customer service that all Quadro products are.

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