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ALS Automated Lab Solutions

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ALS Automated Lab Solutions

ALS Automated Lab Solutions GmbH is located in Jena, a dynamic city famous for microscopy and life science. ALS is a specialist for the development of innovative technological solutions for cell biology research and molecular biology.

Creating new methods for the science of tomorrow

They lift cell culture to a new level of choice and control on the leading edge in cell biology, cell therapy research, regenerative medicine and drug discovery, with automation and standardization of laborious manual procedures, ALS supports science and research for more efficiency and the creation of new methods for the science of tomorrow.

ALS’ business model is focusing on 4 different business units:

  • Devices:
    Automation devices developed and built for enabling and improving laborious processes through automation. Key products are the CellCelector Cell- and Colony Picking System and the TheOnyx Liquid Handling System.
  • OEM:
    High-quality manufacturing and quality assurance of systems and components in the field of medical and automation solutions as well as laboratory products.
  • Components:
    High-precision linear drive, positioning and microscope stage components.
  • Service:
    Pre- and after sales technical, application and repair services in the field of laboratory equipment for the products of ALS as well as for other companies’ products.

Their mission is to be a valuable partner for scientists, researchers and laboratory equipment manufacturers around the globe helping them through their products and services shaping a better future.

ALS CellCelector – the highest standardization & reproducibility of all screening processes

The main product of ALS, the ALS CellCelector is a multi-functional, extremely flexible system for automated screening of cell culture plates, dishes and slides. Target objects found during screening can then be picked out of those plates fully automatically. The system can isolate and pick individual single cells, adherent cell colonies and cell clusters as well as colonies from semi-solid media like methylcellulose. The complete scan and picking process is fully documented hence allowing highest standardization and reproducibility of all screening and picking processes.

Through using a full inverted fluorescence microscope screening can be done utilizing bright field, phase contrast and fluorescence illumination with up to 7 different fluorescence channels in microscopic precision and resolution.

Main applications of the system are:

  • Isolation of rare single cells from mixed populations (e.g. picking of Circulating Tumor Cells from patient blood samples) to accomplish single cell PCR or the establishment of cell lines
  • Passaging of adherent embryonic or adult stem cell colonies as well as iPS cell colonies to maintain their pluripotency. Hereby only specific, undifferentiated parts of the colonies will be isolated hence improving quality during the picking process.
  • The detection and picking of monoclonal antibody-producing Hybridoma colonies. For this application high producers can be specifically detected from a stack of culture plates and isolated individually. Through this the classical procedure of limited dilution and ELISA assays can be drastically shortened from several weeks down to several hours.

With this feature range the ALS CellCelector is a perfect addition to flow cytometers or laser micro-dissection systems.



ALS Automated Lab Solutions GmbH
Stockholmer Str. 10
07747 Jena
Phone: +49 (0) 3641 4820-0
Fax: +49 (0) 3641 4820-11

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TheOnyx is a liquid handling robotic platform for automatic sample processing and support of various biological & biochemical applications for genomics, proteomics and cell biology.

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Quick Contact ALS Automated Lab Solutions
Quick Contact ALS Automated Lab Solutions
Quick Contact ALS Automated Lab Solutions

Quick Contact ALS Automated Lab Solutions
Quick Contact ALS Automated Lab Solutions
Quick Contact ALS Automated Lab Solutions

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