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ADVANCELL is an emerging Spanish biotechnology focused on the development of promising drug candidates with significant commercial potential in oncology, dermatology and neurology indications. We create these new product opportunities by leveraging our innovative nanosystems technology and by in-licensing promising projects at a pre-clinical stage.

Pic 1In both cases, we are open to approaches from parties interested in collaboration. ADVANCELL has currently several programs in clinical development and pursues a series of preclinical opportunities, both proprietary and in collaboration. The Company headquarters are located in the Barcelona Science Park (PCB), Barcelona, and its nanosystems laboratory is in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.

Pic 2ADVANCELL has developed a proprietary and patent protected technology (which trade name is Dermosome Technology®) to (re)formulate drug candidates that have been identified internally, or in collaboration with our partners. Our technology utilizes polysaccharides and other excipients to generate nanosystems that confer new properties the active ingredient, thereby creating nanomedicines that will result in benefits to patients (e.g. increased efficacy, better safety, or more convenient dosing). Based on the properties of our technology, our nanosystems are suited to formulate small molecule drugs; proteins or peptides; antibodies or fragments thereof; as well as nucleic acids for dermal or mucosal delivery.


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Dermal Application:

ADVANCELL has developed the Dermosome Technology for the topical administration of lypophilic compounds. This technology is made up of an oily core, where the drug is embedded, which is covered by a polysaccharide layer and other components of the formulation.

The Dermosome Technology® adheres to the skin, allowing for a longer time of contact. This characteristic, together with its sub-micrometric size, increases the surface area of contact between the active molecule and the upper layers of the skin.With conventional topical delivery methods, molecules with a molecular weight of more than 800 daltons are not able…

Nasal Application

Our technology also has potential applications for the nasal administration of bioactive molecules such as vaccines, peptides or genetic material (i.e. tetanus toxoid, insulin, DNA, etc.) as has been described in multiple scientific papers published by a research team led by Prof. María José Alonso (University of Santiago de Compostela). Several in vivo studies have shown that the therapeutic effects or the antibody levels are enhanced after such drugs are formulated in our nanosystems.

Oral Application:

Due to its unique and characteristic properties, the nanosystems can also be used for the oral administration of drugs. With this technology, the active molecule administered is protected inside nanosystemsas they are stable against breakdown by the gastric fluids. In addition, their mucoadhesive properties enhance the time of adhesion to the intestine walls, thus facilitating more effective absorption of the active molecule.

Case study: An example that illustrates this is the in vivo proof-of-concept study (in rats) that has reported positive results with an oral formulation of Cyclosporine. In this study a formulation of the drug with ADVANCELL technology was compared against the commercially available formulation. The pharmacokinetic profiles obtained with both formulations were identical, thus demonstrating…

Platform Technology:

Research and development activities at ADVANCELL are very focused on generating new high potential product candidates by creating new nanomedicines by leveraging our innovative technology.

ADVANCELL technology enables new and improved formulations of existing active principles by encapsulating them in nanosystems based on our technology, to improve delivery of drugs to the appropriate site and opens up new routes of administration. Encapsulation of active molecules is also preserving their integrity and activity.The technology has been initially developed at the University…

Pre-clinical R&D pipeline

ADVANCELL generates proprietary drug candidates by leveraging its innovative nanosystems drug delivery technology to reformulate and/or reposition existing drugs.

The company has so far focused on oncological and dermatological indications. Projects in these areas continue to reach the evaluation and feasibility stage. Moreover, due to the versatility of the nanosystem platform, other indications with significant market potential and considerable unmet medical need are also being evaluated (e.g. inflammatory bowel diseases, etc.)
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