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FlexLink production logistics solutions allow manufacturers to achieve full production efficiency. For more than 30 years, FlexLink has provided production logistics solutions to worldwide manufacturing industries.

Based on deep knowledge of material and information flows in production processes, and the specific processes involved, FlexLink knows how to leverage efficiency in today’s industrial production.

Production logistics solutions

In today’s production environment, increasing production volumes, a multitude of variants and increasing quality requirements must be paired with a constant pressure on cost. Common effects of FlexLink’s production logistics solutions are reduced throughput time, a reduction of non value adding operations and stocks of finished goods. In the same way, the solutions increase the delivery service, quality assurance and the factory profitability.

Conveyor systems

As the innovator of modern conveyor systems, FlexLink offers a wide range of conveyor systems to meet needs in different industries, from tissue converting lines, food packaging lines to machining lines for gear wheels. A broad standard range and well developed components and functions serve for a long and trouble free service life.

Pallet systems for machining and assembly lines

FlexLink offers pallet systems for machining and assembly lines, when single piece flow is required. With proven handling functions, sophisticated production lines are easy to build with a minimum of construction and ramp-up time.

With the distributed line control, conveyors and functions are controlled for perfect line balancing, dynamic accumulation and gentle product handling. It is based on standardised modules allowing easy line modifications and extensions over time.

Manufacturing execution system

Youtilize®, our manufacturing execution system (MES) for machining and assembly lines gives you full control of the production process, and full traceability of the products.

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After Sales Service

FlexLink does not stop by delivering an installation that starts producing on time. We offer a comprehensive after sales service package to ensure that production never stops and that it is continuously supported by experts throughout its entire service life.

Condition tests Thorough inspection, analysing the current condition of the system, determines the level of service and maintenance needed to ensure high performance and reliability. Preventative maintenance Regular operational and maintenance checks are carried out within agreed intervals, including necessary repairs and upgrades, to keep the installation in a performance optimising condition. Emergency service Trained…

Components and Spare Parts

Individual components are available to create special functions, modify existing ones, or to serve as spare parts.

Services and support Component catalogues Spare parts documents Spare parts documentation is available for drive and idler units and pallet handling functions. Wear parts such as chain and slide rail can be found in the product catalogue. Our spare part supply is secured through distribution centres and overnight delivery.

Conveyor Systems

FlexLink has long experience of researching, developing, manufacturing and installing tried and tested conveyor systems. All to ensure you get a system with a long service life and low maintenance.

The systems are based on a close-fitting, multiflex plastic chain conveyor that gives a straight, horizontal and vertical running capability. Tight horizontal bends allow routing close to machines, saving floor space. Tight vertical bends also save floor space by enabling multilevel transportation and make access easy for operators. We supply nine different conveyor systems (six…

Engineering Tools

Easy to use engineering tools that support quality assured work and facilitates quick ordering of parts.

Services and support Download CAD blocks Order CAD DVD Download Configura demo Configura® for FlexLink A user friendly drag and drop tool to quick and easy convert your production demands into layout proposals. Get 3D pictures and bill of materials with your prices. Download User manual FlexLink CAD Library e provide native CAD files for…

Handling Solutions

Flexlink supplies material handling solutions that help you increase production efficiency. Elevate, accumulate, distribute, divert, flip, turn or push products in different manufacturing processes – you can do what you want with our proven, flexible and reliable handling systems.

Accumulate, distribute and elevate Accumulation is used for temporary storage of products in a process, for example between machines with different cycle times. Accumulators (buffers) are also needed when downstream machines need to be stopped. Diverters, both vertical and horizontal, and combiners are used for distributing the product flow to different machines or for making…

Laser Marking Equipment

The laser marking cell marks on all types of surfaces including plastics, ceramics and metals.

The equipment was originally designed for PCB applications, but is also suited for industries such as telecom, automotive, medical devices and machining operations, just to name a few. High speed laser marking The laser marking cell works stand alone or as part of a production flow. The base module uses a CO2 laser to perform…

PCB Handling Equipment

FlexLink offers a complete line of PCB handling equipment which incorporate standard assembly features throughout the product range.

The PCB product line incorporates modular stand-alone units that are truly independent from other modules in the system. Each module has an on-board control system which allows the unit to function independently. Each module is also able to be linked to other modules in the system by utilising their upline and downline SMEMA communications. The…

Service and Support

FlexLink provide services, support, tools and spare parts to safeguard your investment and ensure total efficiency throughout the equipment lifetime.

Our value-added services When you work with us, you can choose from a selection of service agreements: condition evaluation, preventative maintenance, emergency service and customer training. Our service support includes after sales service, continuous improvement, lifetime support, technical documentation (online) and support & spare parts (online ordering). Continuous improvement and lifetime support Continuous improvement is…
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