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Engineering Tools


Easy to use engineering tools that support quality assured work and facilitates quick ordering of parts.

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Configura® for FlexLink

A user friendly drag and drop tool to quick and easy convert your production demands into layout proposals. Get 3D pictures and bill of materials with your prices.

Download User manual

FlexLink CAD Library

e provide native CAD files for the most part of our component offer. Order the models in any CAD file format required and receive them by e-mail. Also available on a DVD.

Chain pull

When designing a system with FlexLink conveyor components, it is necessary to calculate the maximum tension of the chain. The chain tension calculation helps to confirm:

  • That the chosen conveyor system does not exceed the technical limits
  • The required drive unit capacity
  • The tension limit of the conveyor chain
  • A traction force target for clutch adjustment

Chain pull calculator for conveyors

The Chain pull calculation software is designed to be a simple, efficient tool to perform chain tension calculations for FlexLink conveyor systems (XS, XL, XM, XH, XK and XW). Developed for Windows.

Chain pull calculator for XT modules

For XT modules an Excel based chain tension calculator is available.

To use Chain pull, you need to create a My FlexLink account.

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