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After Sales Service


FlexLink does not stop by delivering an installation that starts producing on time. We offer a comprehensive after sales service package to ensure that production never stops and that it is continuously supported by experts throughout its entire service life.

Condition tests

Thorough inspection, analysing the current condition of the system, determines the level of service and maintenance needed to ensure high performance and reliability.

Preventative maintenance

Regular operational and maintenance checks are carried out within agreed intervals, including necessary repairs and upgrades, to keep the installation in a performance optimising condition.

Emergency service

Trained service personnel is constantly available should any operating problem arise, ensuring immediate service to keep line stoppages as short as possible.

Customer training

We train operators, maintenance personnel and engineers, giving them the necessary knowledge and resources to adequately operate and maintain an installation.

System upgrades

New mechanical, electrical and software developments become available as we strive for continuous development. By implementing these you can improve system performance and reliability even further.

Engineering support

As production requirements change, our experienced engineering teams possess the necessary know-how to help you analyse, design and install any necessary changes in your production.

System review

Situations change – you make new products, have to produce higher volumes or speed up production. We monitor system performance and recommend necessary improvements for your system.

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