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Handling Solutions


Flexlink supplies material handling solutions that help you increase production efficiency. Elevate, accumulate, distribute, divert, flip, turn or push products in different manufacturing processes – you can do what you want with our proven, flexible and reliable handling systems.

Accumulate, distribute and elevate

Accumulation is used for temporary storage of products in a process, for example between machines with different cycle times. Accumulators (buffers) are also needed when downstream machines need to be stopped.

Diverters, both vertical and horizontal, and combiners are used for distributing the product flow to different machines or for making the products available in the requested configuration.

An elevator is used for elevating, lowerating or providing buffer capacity at the end of a conveyor run, or between different conveyors. A range of proven elevator designs support the standard pallet conveyor ranges as well as more general non-pallet applications.

Palletising solutions

Palletising is placing and securing units or containers on pallets. Typical applications can be tissue paper rolls, all sorts of plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, etc.

Robotic palletisers:

FlexLink offers a complete product handling capability throughout the production process, including the requirement to palletise the products. Robotic palletising has replaced many of the layer palletising systems in recent years. The flexibility of the systems and the ability to reprogram for changes of product, or re-installation in other applications within a factory, ensures a longterm yield on the investment.

Major robotic suppliers:

FlexLink works with the major robotic suppliers such as ABB and Fanuc to ensure that we supply the best supported robots and software in the market. The robots can generally handle up to 50kg individual product loads.

Individual grippers may be designed for specific applications if the standard range are not suitable.

Gantry robotics

FlexLink has developed a range of standard actuators and drive technology which allows the assembly of multi axis gantry robotics in a wide variety of sizes and designs. The systems can be designed for 1 to 5 axes depending on the application. Loads up to 50kg.

Individual grippers can be designed for specific applications if the standard range are not suitable.

Pick and place solutions

Picking and placing is where a robot moves items from one place to another, for example from a conveyor in a production line to another conveyor in a packaging line. The robot is often guided by a vision system.

Pick and place units:

Using standard elements, FlexLink can supply a wide range of pick & place (P&P) units, for handling everything from small lightweight goods such as a plastic bottle, up to heavier applications in the automotive industry. Loads up to 50kg are possible.

Whilst each application tends to be unique, the P&P systems make use of the standard elements and controls, and FlexLink provides a complete service from analyzing the application to final installation and commissioning.


Re-orientation of products is used to rotate or flip e.g. packets to suit the feeding of the following packaging machine.


Solutions to gently transfer a selected product from a FlexLink conveyor to another conveyor or machine.

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