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Production Logistics Systems Provider

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Service and Support


FlexLink provide services, support, tools and spare parts to safeguard your investment and ensure total efficiency throughout the equipment lifetime.

Our value-added services

When you work with us, you can choose from a selection of service agreements: condition evaluation, preventative maintenance, emergency service and customer training. Our service support includes after sales service, continuous improvement, lifetime support, technical documentation (online) and support & spare parts (online ordering).

Continuous improvement and lifetime support

Continuous improvement is made up of several sections: system upgrades to cover mechanical, electrical and software developments, engineering support during analysis, design and installation, and system review for monitoring system performance. Lifetime support helps you with decommissioning.

Our value-added support

Customer support is available 24/7 with online access to support, technical documentation and ordering.

Our engineering tools

FlexLink offer a range of engineering tools in the form of easy-to-use software. The tools support quality assured work and quick ordering of parts, as well as the latest 3D CAD and easy to use configurators.

Our spare parts

Through overnight delivery from distribution centers, you get a reliable, accessible supply of spare parts. Here you can order individual components to create special functions, modify existing ones, or simply to serve as a stock of spare parts.

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