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Conveyor Systems


FlexLink has long experience of researching, developing, manufacturing and installing tried and tested conveyor systems. All to ensure you get a system with a long service life and low maintenance.

The systems are based on a close-fitting, multiflex plastic chain conveyor that gives a straight, horizontal and vertical running capability. Tight horizontal bends allow routing close to machines, saving floor space. Tight vertical bends also save floor space by enabling multilevel transportation and make access easy for operators.

We supply nine different conveyor systems (six aluminum and three stainless steel) with four sets of conveyor equipment for pallet systems (single and twin track). All are easily assembled with regular hand tools to quickly get your chosen conveyor system up and running.

Individual components are anodized aluminum and plastic giving a clean and attractive result. In addition the components are standard, meaning they are always in stock and you can get quick maintenance and easily made modifications.

Aluminium conveyors

The standard conveyors from FlexLink are based on an aluminium conveyor beam with low friction slide rails guiding a plastic multi-flexing chain.

Together, the conveyor platforms cover a wide range of applications. These multiflexing conveyor systems use plastic chains in many configurations. The chain design permits horizontal as well as vertical change of direction. Chain widths range from 43mm up to 295mm, for product widths up to 400mm. Each system consists of a wide range of modular components which can be fitted using simple hand tools.

Stainless stell conveyor systems

Our stainless steel conveyors can be run completely without lubrication systems even at high speeds or with low fat products.

Two hygienic conveyor designs:

XMY hygienic is a state of the art system with unique hygienic features and a self draining design. It is designed according to the EHEDG guidelines. The XLX and XMX wash down systems are hygienic, industry standard conveyor systems. Washing units are available as an option.

Pallet and puck handling

In combination with line control and our Youtilize® MES software our pallet and puck handling systems are able to handle a controlled flow of individual products through the manufacturing process.

Single and twin track systems:

Single track conveyor systems XL, X85 and XK contain special products for pallet handling. Twin-track pallet conveyor system XT is well suited for manual and automatic assembly and test systems in the automotive and and electrical/electronics industries.

Puck handling:

Puck handling system X45e is a compact, modular solution with embedded intelligence for easy and efficient control of single piece flow. Especially developed for handling of pharma, cosmetics or other small products.

Structural systems

FlexLink offers a wide assortment of aluminium profiles and accessories such as connectors, fasteners, feet, etc to build machine supports and safety enclosures.

Structural systems XC, XD and XF are well balanced ranges of standard components which can be combined to form almost any structure.


  • A wide range of modular extruded aluminium beams with uniform T-slots
  • Standard component assortment for every application area
  • Easy to assemble, adjust, and dismantle using simple hand tools
  • Short time from concept to finished design
  • No welding or painting necessary
  • Pneumatic connectors extend usefulness of beams
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