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Lohmann Therapy System

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Oral Thin Films: a New Step in Evolution for Active Substances

Lohmann Therapy System

LTS provides alternative drug delivery systems in the form of transdermal therapeutic systems (TTS) and oral thin films (OTF).

The company develops and manufactures drug delivery systems that offer patients reliable therapeutic efficacy with total comfort and convenience.
oral thin films

Alternative drug delivery systems

LTS’ research and development (R&D) focuses on new technologies to complement and expand the potential of alternative drug delivery systems. It is continually developing its TTSs and OTFs, as well as microneedle technologies.

B2B pharmaceutical partner

As a business-to-business (B2B) partner to the pharmaceutical industry, the company offers solutions at all stages of drug development. On behalf of its partners, LTS develops and manufactures TTS and OTF.

LTS’ innovative transdermal systems include injection-free and microneedle units.

The company does not sell any of its own-branded products, making it a dedicated technology partner to the pharmaceutical industry, rather than a competitor against classical pharmaceutical companies. In addition, LTS does not develop any of its own active substances. Instead, it focuses its expertise on the development of new, innovative drug delivery systems that specialise in the transdermal application of existing and novel agents.

Based on a successful feasibility study, LTS develops the ideal delivery system for each customer and each substance.

oral thin films

Patches and oral wafers

LTS produces patches and oral wafers in any batch size for all global markets, offering a comprehensive full service, including packaging development and support in the drug approval process as required.

Complementing its full-service approach, LTS also takes on subsidiary tasks such as production as a contract manufacturer.

Drug delivery manufacturing partner

To achieve success in TTS and OTF, you need a strong, experienced and committed pharmaceutical partner at your side. As a market leader, LTS fulfils all these requirements.

The company has developed a wide variety of TTS products in the market, and its transdermal patches make treatment much easier for a large number of patients.

LTS has the experience and expertise to develop and manufacture successful products right up to market approval. LTS has sufficient capacity to manufacture the batch sizes required for global sales and high-volume products.

Two identical production facilities in Germany and the US secure supply chain reliability even in crisis periods. The company also has production capabilities of varying sizes to operate all demands, from early drug development to large-scale production campaigns.

LTS is recognised by all major health authorities worldwide and has broad experience in the field of hormone therapy and anaesthetics narcotic substances. It systematically separates the production of hormone products from non-hormone products to avoid any risk of possible cross-contamination.

LTS supports each client with a development team that can be integrated into the clients’ research teams. LTS provides customers with total transparency in all project phases.

oral thin films

LTS as a partner for healthcare innovations

LTS covers all the relevant technical steps in drug development, from feasibility studies to market launch and subsequent large-scale manufacturing. LTS manufactures for the global markets of your choice, making use of our expertise as an innovative market leader.


LTS Lohmann Therapie-Systeme AG
Lohmannstraße 2
D-56626 Andernach

Phone: (0 26 32) 99-0
Fax: (0 26 32) 99 22 00

Drug Delivery via Transdermal Therapeutic Systems

Transdermal patches or transdermal therapeutic systems (TTS) are drug delivery systems that are applied directly to the skin. The active substance is absorbed by the skin and is distributed through the body transdermally via the bloodstream. This unique mode of administration has improved the simplicity of treatment for patients for almost 30 years.

A wide range of TTS technologies from LTS make it easy to ensure the correct dose for any active substance. The drug molecule should not exceed a certain size (approximately 500g/mol) so that it can penetrate the skin effectively. To date, there are 20 active substances known to fulfil this requirement. We process twelve of…

Oral Thin Films for Drug Delivery

Oral thin films (OTF) are loaded with active substances which are used for drug delivery. They are taken orally and dissolve immediately in the mouth or are applied to the mucosa. For transmucosal films, the active substance enters the bloodstream directly via the oral mucosa, without having to first pass through the gastrointestinal tract.

Advantages of using OTF for drug deliveryLTS OTF technologies enable fast or sustained release of the active substance, thus ensuring the ideal dosage. LTS OTFs measure between two and 10cm2 and are extremely thin (20 to 500µm). These thin films can take the form of a single-layer or multi-layer system. The active substance can be…

Transdermal Technologies

LTS’s research and development focuses on two new technologies to complement and expand the potential of alternative drug delivery systems. We are continually developing our TTS and OTF as well as microneedle technologies.

Drug delivery via passive patchesPassive patches, which release active substance via passive diffusion, are limited to relatively small-molecule and lipophilic active substances, since only these can penetrate the skin in therapeutically relevant amounts. Consequently, active substances with larger molecules, such as peptides, proteins and vaccines, cannot be administered this way. But these new, often biotechnologically…
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Through the Skin

Transdermal systems are pharmaceutical patches that transport the active substances directly into the bloodstream through the skin – often with...
4th February 2016
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