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The Chartered Quality Institute

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The Chartered Quality Institute

The Chartered Quality Institute is the chartered body for quality management professionals. With over 10,000 members, a large proportion of those from the pharmaceutical sector, the CQI exist to benefit the public by advancing education in, knowledge of and the practice of quality in industry, commerce, the public sector and the voluntary sectors.

Membership for Quality Professionals in pharmaceutical

The Chartered Quality Institute promotes the quality management approach, based on planning, measurement and improvement, which delivers the following benefits for organisations:

  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced costs and improved profitability
  • Improvement and innovation
  • Identification and management risk
  • Corporate care and responsibility

Qualified Persons in Pharmaceuticals

They recognise that these business outcomes can only be delivered by competent quality professionals, CQI members, and in support of this the CQI provides the following services

  • Promoting the benefits of the quality management approach to industry
  • Maintaining the Body of Quality Knowledge
  • Disseminating quality knowledge and resources
  • Providing qualifications and training
  • Assessing and recognising quality competence

Training for Quality Professionals in pharmaceutical

As the professional memberships body for quality management professionals, the Chartered Quality Institute offers a range of member benefits and progressive membership scheme no matter what stage of your career to support you in advancing your career recognition.


The Chartered Quality Institute
2nd Floor North
Chancery Exchange
10 Furnival Street
London, EC4A 1AB
Tel: 020 7245 6722

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Knowledge Hub

The knowledge hub is a member’s only area for the CQI which allows our members to access the latest industry thinking, reports, magazines and presentations relevant to the world of quality


The CQI offers membership for both individuals and organisations. Whichever you choose, each type of membership has a range of benefits designed to help you get the most out of being part of the quality management community and profession.

CQI membership is a way of visibly demonstrating your competence and ability to positively impact an organisation's capability to deliver quality and to identify and deliver improvement. Membership is your commitment to the profession and its professional standards. It enhances your status with colleagues and employers alike and helps you stay ahead of the competition…


Thousands of quality professionals have taken the CQI’s qualifications. As the only nationally accredited quality awarding body in the UK, the CQI believes education allows you to achieve your full potential through the acquisition of knowledge.

However, education is not just about passing exams. It is about your passion for quality and wish to make a difference to your organisation and your lifeTo view the full list of qualifications click here

Special Interest Groups

The Pharmaceutical Quality Group is the longest established of the CQI’s special interest groups, which, since 1977, has met the needs of quality professionals within the pharmaceutical industry.

The CQI has done this by: Providing a forum for support for the trainee and newly Qualified Person (QP) and on-going advice and support for all QPs.Arranging regular meetings on Quality Assurance, Good Manufacturing Practice and 'hot-topics'.Developing monographs which provide guidance on a range of regulatory requirements.Developing GMP Application Standards and guidance for suppliers to…

Specialist Route to Membership

The Chartered Quality Institute has over 400 members who work within the pharmaceutical sector. They understand your needs as a quality professional working within this field and as such have developed a specialist route to membership if you are a Qualified Person or trainee Qualified Person

As a Qualified Person you will have already gained the experience to enter the CQI at the highest grades attainable, that of a Chartered Member or Fellow of the Chartered Quality Institute. To join the quality professional elite and expand your quality network click here


The Chartered Quality Institute has trained over X number of quality professionals in the last 10 years. Consistently they receive over 95% positive comments regarding the quality of content, relevance to the industry and the standard of our teaching and mentoring methods

Whether you are a professional within a specific sector or looking to widen your knowledge of quality tools and techniques, the CQI can offer in-house bespoke services or general training courses to suit your needs.Visit their website
Quick Contact The Chartered Quality Institute
Quick Contact The Chartered Quality Institute
Quick Contact The Chartered Quality Institute

Quick Contact The Chartered Quality Institute
Quick Contact The Chartered Quality Institute
Quick Contact The Chartered Quality Institute

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