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The Chartered Quality Institute

The CQI offers membership for both individuals and organisations. Whichever you choose, each type of membership has a range of benefits designed to help you get the most out of being part of the quality management community and profession.

CQI membership is a way of visibly demonstrating your competence and ability to positively impact an organisation’s capability to deliver quality and to identify and deliver improvement. Membership is your commitment to the profession and its professional standards. It enhances your status with colleagues and employers alike and helps you stay ahead of the competition in your career.

Whether you simply have an interest in improving your quality management skills, are starting out in the quality profession or are already an experienced quality professional, they have a membership grade designed for you. As your career progresses, your membership should reflect your growing level of professionalism so consider upgrading at the appropriate time.

But which level of membership?

Membership grades are awarded on a combination of experience and qualifications and are designed to recognise your impact as a quality professional and help support your journey to becoming a Chartered Quality Professional.

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