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WGE Dr. Bures

WGE designs and manufactures innovative instruments, systems and components for Size Exclusion Chromatography (GPC/SEC) and batch methods for Polymer- bio- and protein-analysis and characterisation since 1993.

Cutting-edge instruments for characterisation of all synthetic- and bio- polymers as well as proteins and peptides

WGE’s team of experts elaborates with the user solutions to his individual applications and requirements to guarantee best possible results and flexible adaptation. WGE’s mission: supply the scientific community with the best possible tools and methods for research, development and quality control whenever macromolecules are investigated.

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Developing and producing instruments specifically optimised for polymer and protein characterisation

WGE has a full range of complete SEC/GPC instruments designed to fulfil the most demanding applications. Starting with systems for routine analysis to multi-detector GPC/SEC for structure analysis and research of complex compounds. WGE offers the best solution for your task, whether your focus is on synthetic-, bio-polymers or proteins.

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Located in Dallgow-Doeberitz, a quite town 5 km west of Berlin, Germany, WGE Dr Brues is defined by outstanding performance and accessible handling. Their instruments are the benchmark-reference in the field of gel permeation chromatography and WGE Dr. Bures has gained the reputation of supplier of excellent quality. You can find users of their instruments at universities, companies and government institutions all over the world.


WGE Dr. Bures GmbH & Co. KG
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Phone: +49 3322 236329

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PureGPC SEC columns

Whatever detection technology you have selected, columns are still the heart of a GPC/SEC system. Challenging applications and requirement for excellent results can only be fulfilled with appropriate columns able to separate the compound under investigation with the highest possible resolution and absence of interactions.

WGE is now able to offer a full range of GPC/SEC columns with excellent properties and lifetime. The PureGPC Columns family consists of five different column types to match different applications.PureGPC-ACQ  -for acqueous applications, including polyanions PureGPC-PROT  -for separation of proteins PureGPC-ORG  -common organic eluents as THF, Toluene, CH2Cl2, CHCl3 PureGPC-MPOL  -for medium polar eluents…


Sometimes even when conventional gel permeation chromatography GPC/SEC is used and all calculations are based on a conventional column calibration, a single refractometer is not sufficient. A second concentration detector is required to detect impurities, or to calculate co-monomer content of a co-polymer.

These are the playgrounds for the SEC-3010 COPO system. Two concentration detectors, our refractometer and our multi-wavelength UV detector, build together with pump, autosampler and ParSEC Standard the system of choice.

SEC-3010 dn/dc Refractometer

The SEC-3010 dn/dc Refractometer is a deflection type instrument designed for batch mode applications. This value is required as a parameter in molecular weight measurements using static light scattering. A second interesting application is the determination of sample concentration, when dn/dc is known.

This feature is especially useful when proteins are investigated, as concentration is very often unknown. In batch mode, the instrument comes with BI-DNDCW software for use with an external PC.


Designed for applications which do not require molar mass sensitive detectors, but where a single detector is sufficient (mostly a DRI). System consists of WGE’s pump, autosampler, refractometer and ParSEC standard. This is the perfect system for these applications. Combine with the PureGPC chromatography columns you need, a handful of standards and the system will provide superior performance day by day.


SEC/GPC Viscometry is a powerful tool; the number of applications is almost unlimited. Universal calibration provides in SEC the basis for this method. SEC-3010 HYDRODYN has an outstanding sensitivity and reveals molar mass and structure information when other methods fail.

It is applicable for co-polymers as well as homopolymers, synthetic and bio materials. SEC-3010 HYDRODYN includes the SEC-3010 Viscometer/Refractometer detector with its unique, patented design, SEC-3010 Pump, Autosampler and the ParSEC SEC software.


Molar Mass is what you can expect. A number of applications require fast, calibration-free (absolute) determination of molar masses in Gel Permeation Chromatography. This is what the SEC-3010 MASS provides. It consists of SEC-3010 pump, autosampler, refractometer, multi-angle static light scattering detector and ParSEC Enhanced SEC software.


This is what we consider to be the standard Gel Permeation Chromatography GPC/SEC research package. Absolute values for molar mass and intrinsic viscosity without calibration at all. Plus, dn/dc and mass balance.

With this system you can determine Mark-Howink coefficient for your sample with a single injection or perform branching calculations without assumptions. This package consists of WGE pump, autosampler, refractometer/viscometer dual-detector, BI-MwA 7-angles SLS and ParSEC-Enhanced SEC software.


All available detection technologies combined together: Concentration, Viscosity, Static and Dynamic Light Scattering. The richness of information delivered by this system cannot be surpassed. Our SEC-3010 pump, autosampler and ParSEC Enhanced SEC Software complete the system.

The target application of this system is full characterisation of structure. The combination of intrinsic viscosity, absolute molar mass and hydrodynamic radius from a single measurement, as obtained with this system, allows deep insight into the most complex compounds.
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Quick Contact WGE Dr. Bures
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