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From assisting customers with formulation challenges to helping them bring innovative new products to market faster, the world-class people at Capsugel provide a unique combination of scientific, technological and global market expertise, delivering high-quality capsules and services at every step of the dosage form development process.

One Size Does Not Fit All

For over 100 years, Capsugel has been a trusted partner to companies large and small, providing innovative dosage forms and offering comprehensive support from formulation to final production. Their wide variety of high-quality, innovative capsule products and drug delivery technologies translate into shorter go-to-market time for customers that do business in an increasingly complex global marketplace.

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Innovative Products

Capsugel’s focus on innovation has led to a number of advanced products to meet all your capsule needs. From their outstanding color and printing options, to a variety of gelatin, alternate polymer and liquid-filled capsules, they’re always looking for new ways to make capsules your dosage form of choice. Contact someone at Capsugel today to learn more about the latest innovations.

Outstanding Quality

To ensure Capsugel’s customers receive the very best quality products and services, they employ the principles of Six-Sigma throughout the entire organisation. Their drive to deliver high quality capsules with speed and efficiency has led them to regularly implement process quality initiatives that continuously reduce defect rates and improve the overall product quality.

Global Reach

With customers spanning the globe, so do Capsugel’s manufacturing and business centers. With multiple production and business facilities worldwide, Capsugel is able to offer an unmatched certainty of supply, ensuring your capsules are where you need them, when you need them.


World Class People

Capsugel, isn’t just a business – they’re a group of people who care about customers and making the best possible products for them. And with over 300 engineers and 50 scientists on staff, they have the know-how to do just that. With over 2,800 colleagues in more than a dozen locations around the world, there’s always someone there when you need them.

Customer Focus

Many customer have been with Capsugel for decades, which is just one sign that they give customers what they’re looking for, they are also continuously looking for new products to address unmet dosage form needs. Whether it’s help with formulations or methods to help combat counterfeiting, Capsugel are pleased to offer customers more than just capsules.

Create Value

Capsugel’s goal is focusing on the needs of customers and their customers while always striving to provide investors with superior returns.

They also have a deep sense of pride regarding their accomplishments; they are never satisfied, because at Capsugel they know that creating value is critical to success.

Capsugel uniquely combine global reach and resources with a collaborative spirit to drive innovation and growth for customers.

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Coni-Snap Hard Gelatin Capsules

Coni-Snap® capsules are the most popular two-piece hard gelatin capsules in the world.

Product Features & OptionsConi-Snap capsules are the most widely used capsule in the world for many reasons. Key capsule features and benefits include:Tapered rim of the body engages easily with the cap allowing for problem-free closureA dual snap-ring locking system provides full circumference leak-free containmentAir vents allow air to escape during filling on high-speed capsule…

DBcaps Over-encapsulation Capsules

For containment and blinding of comparator products in double-blinding studies, look to DBcaps® capsules.

Specially Designed for Clinical TrialsWe developed DBcaps two-piece gelatin or HPMC capsules with a tamper evident design to specifically address the clinical trial challenges of testing without bias.The wider diameter of opaque DBcaps capsules allows containment and blinding of large-diameter or uniquely-shaped tablets or other comparator products, while their shorter length makes them easier to…

DRcaps Acid-Resistant Capsules

Change the competitive landscape and deliver results using DRcaps capsules to help protect your ingredients from stomach acid

A Solution for Health and Nutrition ProductsCertain release properties can help give your products an added edge and the vitality needed to spur growth, but adding this product feature can be challenging. DRcaps capsules are innovative HPMC capsules that can help protect dietary supplement ingredients from stomach acidity* without the cost and complexity of adding…

OceanCaps Fish Gelatin Capsules

OceanCaps™ capsules are a marine-based capsule well-matched to the needs of health conscious consumers.

Key Characteristics & Market UsesMany of today's consumers are pursuing a healthy, natural lifestyle and want products that reflect their interests and values. Marine supplements that are made from renewable resources are increasingly becoming a priority for these consumers.OceanCaps capsules are ideally suited for marine supplements such as fish oil, DHA, EPA, salmon liver oil,…

PCcaps Pre-clinical Capsules

Pre-clinical studies are critical to the success of your new formulations and PCcaps® capsules present an exceptional solution to carrying out your pre-clinical animal studies with improved effectiveness.

PCcaps capsules are very small gelatin capsules that are ideal for oral delivery of the neat active in pre-clinical animal studies. They have been designed for performing pre-clinical trials such as pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and animal safety studies.With PCcaps capsules, there is no need to use excipients to homogenize the active ingredient, nor is there a…

Pearlcaps Pearlescent Capsules

Add a new level of sophistication and make your products stand out with shiny, iridescent Pearlcaps® capsules

Make Them ShineDifferentiate your products with Pearlcaps capsules, which are ideally suited for the fast-growing upscale, cosmeceutical market. Pearlcaps capsules contain a light-reflecting pigment composed of natural mica and titanium dioxide that provides a unique luster and will make your product stand out.Available in gelatin and HPMC capsules, Pearlcaps capsules have the same outstanding characteristics…

Plantcaps Plant-Based Capsules

Plantcaps™ capsules, a plant-based capsule made from pullulan – naturally fermented from tapioca – for a more extensive and distinctive appeal to the booming and discerning healthy lifestyle market worldwide.

New Plantcaps capsules help protect ingredients and healthy lifestylesPlantcaps capsules from Capsugel are the new premium capsules designed for the needs of the growing and very discerning healthy lifestyle market.In the U.S., 35 percent of supplement users say vegetarian or non-animal source is important when choosing a supplement -- up from 26 percent in 2006.…

Press-Fit & XPress-Fit Gelcaps

Capsugel’s Press-Fit® and XPress-Fit™ gelcap proprietary technology lets you enrobe caplets with high-gloss gelatin covers that consumers and patients prefer.

Maximize Your Brand's PerformanceUse Press-Fit and XPress-Fit gelcaps to create a new look for your product, helping it stand out to consumers and increase sales.Our proprietary PressFit and Xpress-Fit technology comes with distinctive benefits:Easy-to-swallowMasks taste and odorImproves and differentiates your brand image with custom color optionsFlexible in-house and outsourced production capabilitiesOutstanding quality - manufactured in…

SGcaps Soft Gelatin Capsules

Take advantage of our outstanding capabilities and quality to bring your most complex products to market with our softgel capsule technology.

Tailor-made SolutionsOur expert scientists and manufacturing specialists can help your products succeed by solving your complex solubility, stability and bioavailability formulation challenges, supporting your development efforts and helping ensure a successful launch of your softgel products.Wide Array of UsesOur product range is ideal for both the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical markets and includes all sizes,…

Vcaps & Vcaps Plus Non-animal Capsules

Our high-quality, high performance HPMC (hypromellose) capsules satisfy a wide variety of lifestyle, cultural and dietary requirements and are also well suited for moisture-sensitive formulations.

Ideal for Challenging CompoundsVcaps® and Vcaps® Plus capsules can help solve formulation challenges and enjoy widespread acceptance for pharmaceutical and nutritional product registrations. Some key benefits include:Low-moisture content suitable for moisture-sensitive ingredientsNegligible risk of cross-linkingElastic polymer structure enables robust commercial performance and high machinabilityAnd Vcaps Plus capsules also offer:Contain just two components: plant-based HPMC and…
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