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XaitPorter is collaborative writing software that enables multiple users to write on the same document at the same time. XaitPorter is designed for teams who are looking for ways to make their bid & proposal writing process more efficient, and produce professional looking documents.

Produce your bids and proposals up to 70% faster

Many of the largest companies in the world use XaitPorter for proposals, bids, reports, manuals, procedures, governing documents, annual reports, license round applications and much more. Proposal managers claim that they can produce their bids and proposals up 70% faster with XaitPorter’s functionality and collaboration features.

Work together on the same document

Stop juggling multiple Word files! With XaitPorter, you have one document that people log on to via the Internet, instead of several Word files. Everyone works on the same document at the same time, and everyone sees the latest versions. You can collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers wherever they are in the world. And you don’t even need to be in the office.

Produce one file, ready for print or web

XaitPorter brings all your content together with professional formatting, leaving you with only one file to print or publish to web or CD-ROM, that contains all your text, pictures, diagrams and attachments. Don’t worry about pixels, dpi’s and other print related terms. At the click of a button, output can be targeted towards any media, whether it be print, web or CD – with all the right parameters set automatically. Your documents will have the same level of quality as files created with desktop publishing software.

Get professional looking documents

1Don’t spend time on formatting. With XaitPorter, you can focus on the content, while the correct use of fonts, logos, colors, headers and footers are automatically taken care of. You control how the document looks through templates, and XaitPorter prevents people from messing up the formatting. Create your own custom templates or let us create one for you. With the drag-and-drop tool, you easily organize your outline. Numbers for figures and tables are automatically updated, including the table of contents and list of figures and tables.

Almost finished before you start

You can easily reuse information from other documents, as XaitPorter is powered by an Oracle database. Pick the bits and pieces you want to reuse from other documents, and XaitPorter will update headers and footers, numbering and the client name according to the specified template.

See if people follow your plan

By assigning responsibilities and tasks, progression is 100% tracked. Responsibilities are clearly defined, team members have individual deadlines, and there are several reviewers. What does this mean? Order. And complete visibility. You get to track the development of the document from day one. At any time you can see if someone hasn’t started writing or if they are writing the way you want. XaitPorter takes care of any notifications. Work together in real time and say goodbye to surprises at deadline.


Share comments and ideas

Anyone who can read an article can share a comment. The writer will be notified and XaitPorter keeps track of who made the comment and when it was given. Comments are shown directly in the text where it was inserted, making it easy to find the content that is referred to in the comment. No more e-mails and lost post-its

No installation, no internal servers

Just start your web browser and log on. XaitPorter is 100% web based, and if you like, Xait can host it for you.

Your documents have never been this secure

You control who can see the different sections. Everything is tracked in case you need to do an audit. Companies in the defense industry choose XaitPorter because of its security.

And more!

Compare article revisions, and stop worrying about losing control. Highlight your main selling points using key text. Use blacklining to easily track progress and simplify revision gates. Reuse workflows, saving you time figuring out who should be responsible for what. These are only some of the ways in which XaitPorter can make your life easier


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