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7PSolutions™ was founded in 2010 to fulfill an unmet need in the life sciences and transportation industries: a single solution for climate control, security and quality management through every stage of the supply chain.

Climate control and security and quality management

We leverage the extensive knowledge, experience and expertise of our leadership team comprised of pharmaceutical logistics and cold chain quality assurance industry veterans – all of whom understand the critical importance of providing climate control and security management for your cargo while maintaining stringent regulatory compliance.

Our approach is one size does not fit all. Our clients, whether they are drug manufacturers, clinical trial sponsors, transportation service providers, or anyone involved in the life sciences cold chain selects the services offerings within our portfolio that best suits their most immediate needs, keeping in mind these needs may change over time. Our services have been developed, tested and proven successful since their inception and have been structured in such a manner that they can be tailored to meet each individual requirement over the entire organization or on a departmental basis. You select, we provide.

GPS – GSM technologies

Our service offerings provide you with complete visibility of your time and temperature sensitive supply chain, storage facilities and vehicles under one comprehensive platform. All data is available through our real-time monitoring, history is maintained for five years and then archived. Using GPS and GSM technologies you can manage everything under one platform;

  • Warehouses and in-transit storage facilities
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Clinical trial sights and CROs
  • Transport vehicles
  • The entire cold chain
  • Any environment which requires monitoring, logging and alarming of temperature, humidity, light exposure, air pressure and for shipments vibration/shock and package orientation

Good distribution practices

7PSolutions brings the newest most robust technology to the industry, allowing our clients to become compliant with FDA and other global regulations, including good distribution practices.

Our quality management system can be implemented within the operations of your service providers from couriers to full-truck load carriers, ensuring one consistent quality management system across your entire climate controlled supply chain, locally, regionally or globally.

In addition to our environmental monitoring capabilities, we provide very rigid security protocols which protect your brand while products are moving around the world. Shipments going outside your protocols send immediate real-time alerts and alarms to all interested parties.

7PSolutions ensures product integrity regardless of where in the cold chain your product is as well as protecting your brand and ensuring it is secure.

Contact details:
7PSolutions, LLC

P. O. Box 524
Nineveh, IN 46164 USA
Phone: +1.317.641.1201

Independent Environmental and Security Monitoring

The GL200-Tracker can be utilized as a standalone or multi-layer device for cargo embedment and tied with video if the vehicle is equipped with RouteWatch monitoring equipment or used to monitor facilities' environmental and security conditions. The GPS location functionality in combination with our Transport Environment Monitoring Systems™ (TEMS) monitors:

Time-defined shipments by providing alerts as shipments near their required delivery commitments and exact location while en routeHigh-value shipments can be assigned to linear geo-fences creating alarm notifications should the transport deviate from the predetermined routeUtilized as a driver panic button and emergency geo-fence around the driver and equipmentProvides alert notifications regarding separation between the…

RouteWatch Vehicle Security and Fleet Management

GC075 or OBDII is a unique GSM, GPS communications unit which serves to monitor and secure vehicles. It is designed for covert mounting in the vehicle where it monitors: ignition on/off, quality of driving and other digital outputs, GPS position, direction, speed, driver ID, maintenance, movement and many other features customized to meet the individual business requirements of the client.

The units support communication by SMS as well as GSM (text and telephone calls), which are used to send alarm and event messages. It is also possible to connect the unit to a touchscreen LCD for two-way communications between the vehicle and dispatch for the transfer of tasks, conditions of orders and for navigation of…

Trailer Security and Inventory Management

GL200-Tracker is a unique GPS|GSM tracking device which serves to track, secure and monitor assets, designed for independent overt and covert tracking. Hardwired into the running lights there is never a worry of loss of battery or operation. The application provides for:

Trailer inventory managementOperating trailers tracking with unlimited GPS reporting (unlimited pings)Dropped, spotted trailers hibernate and report every 24 hoursLinear geo-fencing capabilitiesPower unit separation, cargo separation alerts, maintenance schedule alertsComplete trip historyIncludes:USB 24-12V DC-DC power supplyExternal GPS antennaAdd optional EMM Hub and up to three (3) EMM Probes for monitoring of temperature, humidity, light exposure, vibration/shock…
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