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Syncom BV


Syncom BV

Established in 1988, Syncom supplies contract research in organic chemistry and custom synthesis solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.


Synthetic organic chemistry

Syncom serves the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, diagnostic, fine chemical, electronic and pigment industries. We enjoy solving clients’ complex organic synthesis challenges.

Primarily, the activities we cover include synthesis of key building blocks, medicinal chemistry services, route scouting services, library synthesis, process R&D, scale-up, and hit-to-lead optimisation programmes.

We offer custom chemical services and analytical services, mainly in the field of synthetic organic chemistry. Syncom starts projects quickly and covers a variety of chemical services.

Custom synthesis service

On custom basis, we also synthesise metabolites, impurities, reference standards and stable-labelled compounds. Our services are backed by modern analytical technologies, such as HPLC, GC, LC-MS, GC-MS and NMR. These technologies can be offered as stand-alone analytical services too.

Syncom offers tailor-made organic chemistry support via the following:

  • Custom synthesis services
  • Medicinal chemistry services
  • Route scouting and process R&D
  • Chiral technology services
  • Analytical services

Chiral technology services

Syncom has an exceptional reputation when it comes to chiral technology. Our Dutch resolution technology, chirality first time right service and various publications in leading peer reviewed scientific journals, highlights our outstanding status within chiral technology.

Contact details

Site address
Kadijk 3
9747 AT Groningen
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)50 575 7272
Fax: +31 (0)50 575 7399
Postal address
P.O. Box 2253
9704 CE Groningen
The Netherlands
Phone: +31 (0)50 575 7272
Fax: +31 (0)50 575 7399

Chiral Technology Services

Syncom offers a variety of chiral technologies to enable the development of the best possible protocol for your application.

Chiral resolution processesOur successful track record in the development of chiral resolution processes is supported by modern chiral analytical technologies. In turn, this enables rapid method development for new chiral molecules.Syncom's chirality first time right service offers the parallel screening of combinations of the chiral technologies, including:Resolution of racemates by diastereomeric salt formationEnantioselective biocatalysisEnantioselective chemocatalysisChiral…

Custom Synthesis

We conduct custom synthesis of organic compounds in mg to kg quantities and execute complex multistep syntheses of up to 60 steps long. Mainly, we focus on synthesising novel building blocks, intermediates and APIs for the pharmaceutical industry. Our KG lab is equipped with two 50L reactors and multiple 20L reactors, enabling synthesis up to a couple of KG scale.

Identification and synthesis of metabolites and impuritiesIn order to assess the full activity profile of a pharmaceutically active compound, identification and synthesis of metabolites and impurities is often required. In case of identification challenges, Syncom offers support to identify the compound of interest.Syncom also offers high-quality custom synthesis of stable isotopically-labelled compounds. We have expertise…

Medicinal Chemistry Services

Syncom's services as an integrated drug discovery contract research organisation (CRO), includes synthetic chemistry, in vitro screening, ADME studies, pharmacokinetics and in vivo pharmacology.

Hit finding and library preparationFor hit finding, Syncom has access to a novel fragment-based library (>1500 compounds), applying the rule of three and a novel drug-like library (1200 compounds, in progress).Syncom has successfully performed several screening campaigns, including in-house assay development. We also have excellent relationships with several European (high-throughput) screening facilities and expertise with…

Route Scouting and Process R&D

Syncom can offer unique new synthetic routes, if design or development of a new synthesis route is asked for.

Custom synthesis for synthetic routesOur experienced and creative chemists can adjust and improve existing synthetic routes through custom synthesis. Many options are possible for this process, including:Increasing yields by a change of solventsReagents or work-up proceduresReducing catalyst loadingsReplacing chromatography by scalable crystallizationsTelescoping of steps or developing and totally novel chemical processChiral compound processesIf the process…

Catalogue Products

Syncom catalogue of products includes a unique collection of metabolites, pharmaceutical reference standards, corresponding deuterated derivatives and complex building blocks.

Pharmaceutical reference standards and materialsNumerous pharmaceutical reference standards and materials have been prepared at Syncom, typically using de-novo developed synthetic protocols. Syncom's supplies of reference standards includes statines, carbohydrates, cannabinoids, opiates, steroids, vitamin D derivatives and stable isotope-labelled analogs.Custom synthesis of pharmaceutical reference standardsIf customers' required pharmaceutical reference standards are not available from stock, Syncom…
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