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HealthACE is a global business intelligence company serving the pharmaceutical industry. Our specialized expertise is filtering and focusing information to provide management with relevant insights and analyses. An area of focus is capturing the business intelligence produced by investment analysts–a source of insight not captured in other information sources.

Clients include the senior management 8 of the 10 largest biopharmaceutical firms

HealthACE’s primary business is a daily strategic and financial intelligence report provided for senior management. This "morning briefing" is customized for each client based on their unique competitors and therapeutic classes of interest.

The report is designed for easy scanning while allowing executives quick access to greater detail on items of particular interest. This service has been provided to leading firms since our founding in 2001, our current clients include the senior management 8 of the 10 largest biopharmaceutical firms.

In recent years we have added specialized reports, both syndicated and customized, to support franchise, brand, and customer management. These reports cover key markets including oncology, diabetes, and thrombosis; as well as business segments such as managed markets and consumer health.

Clients like HealthACE’s:

  • Customization of reports to their needs-by topic, format, and delivery
  • Focus on analysis and perspective rather than "just news", with unique content from the investment community
  • Easily read or scanned reports, providing quick access to key insights with the option for more detail

HealthACE’s benefits include cost-effective monitoring of competitive developments, providing executives a valuable source of external perspective, and building communication networks and a common information base among executives. Our services keep the importance of intelligence top of mind for management. Clients tell us that we are differentiated because HealthACE is actually read by senior management as part of their daily routine-it is the service that executives ask to receive.

The HealthACE team producing the reports all have prior pharma and business intelligence experience, and bring deep knowledge and understanding of healthcare market trends and underlying business drivers.


HealthACE Ltd.
370 Lexington Ave. #1702
New York, NY 10017

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