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Unither Pharmaceuticals is the world's leading contract manufacturer of sterile, unit close preparations.

We produce highly competitive niche products:

  • Sterile, unit-close vials using blow-fill seal (BFS) technology
  • High barrier single-use liquid stick packs
  • Enhanced dry formulations, such as effervescent tablets

Unither also offers turnkey solutions and drug-delivery systems to extend the product lifecycle. Unither-manufactured products are sold in more than 75 countries. Unither’s corporate mission is to deliver innovative, competitive and sustainable solutions to its customers: pharmaceutical companies.

Three types of collaborations

Strategic outsourcing allows companies to strongly focus on product marketing while dramatically reducing the costs of the products manufactured by their supplier. Unither’s industrial specialisation and experience of niche markets makes it a dependable partner for pharma companies seeking to rationalise and update their brands and benefit from our significant production resources.

We renew our products in order to give them an extended life. The innovative pharmaceutical formulations developed and produced by Unither consitutes cost-effective opportunities by re-packaging, remodelling and boosting marketed product lines.

Turnkey product for companies with their own marketing resources at the cutting edge of innovation. Unither is continually developing innovative products for companies with their own marketing resources – ensuring product success under the cuctomers’ own brand name.

Contact details:
Unither Pharmaceuticals

ZI Longpre
10 Rue Andre-Durouchez
F-800084 Armiens Cedex
Phone: +33 322 54 73 00
Fax: +33 3 22 54 73 10

Drug Delivery System

UniFlash is a DDS exploiting the buccal transmucosal route.

Well adapted to lipophilic moleculesBrings a very fast absorption without first passage effectAllows a potential close reductionThis technology can change the life cycle management of your products significantly.

Enhanced Dry Form

Effervescent formulations are quickly dissolved in a liquid; are easy to absorb and act more rapidly than conventional tablet formulations.

The main field: AnalgesicsVitaminsMineralsGastroenterologyPackaging offer: tube and strip.

Liquid Unit Doses

World leader in unit-dose packaging using blow fill-seal (BFS) technology or stick-pack forms (UniStick).

BFS technology enables:Preservative-free unit dosesEasy-to-use unit dose vials in particular for products requiring an accurate dose deliveryUnit dose vials constitute an optimal solution for products in opthalmology, asthma, rhinology, antisepsis and wound-care.As the world-leader in sterile BFS unit doses, Unither is the only subcontractor having two production sites; this dual in-house sourcing provides Unither's customers…


UniStick is an alternative to the sterile, unit dose vial designed to contain liquids for oral or topical use. UniStick is easy to carry around, easy to use and easy to open.

UniStick is a particularly handy packaging solution for cough syrups, vitamin solutions and gastroenterology products. It has become an excellent alternative to glass vials, ampoulets and conventional rectangular sachets.
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