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Path XL

PathXL are specialists and innovators in the field of digital pathology. The company began as a spin-out from Queens University in Belfast, when digital pathology was very much in its early stages. The founders still maintain a close relationship with the pathology community.

These strong links, alongside the team’s technological expertise, has driven the company to where it is today.

We remain at the forefront of innovation as we recognise that digital pathology is moving from an era of point-to-point solutions to much greater maturity

As the digital pathology market continues to evolve, it is transforming entire workflows in education, research and clinical use. We intend to become known as the creative-thinkers and leaders in tumor analysis.

Viewed as global pioneers in the use of image analysis and workflow solutions for digital pathology, PathXL’s products are based around providing innovative software that can be used in education, research and clinical sectors worldwide.

As a web-based platform, PathXL can be installed locally on a customer site, or provided as a managed hosted service in the cloud, permitting clients to experience the value of remote digital pathology, without the overhead of managing their own platform or the need for major capital outlay.

Contact details:

Northern Ireland Science Park
Unit 2, Innovation Centre
Northern Ireland
Phone: +44 (0)28 9073 8712

Education and Training Software

PathXL Tutor is a user friendly content management system which allows digital slide teaching sets to be managed and constructed into online pathology courses by users with little, or no IT experience.

Key featuresGenerate on-line virtual microscopy training, CPD and competency exam resources in minutes, significantly enhancing student, trainee and the professional experienceIncorporate various multimedia files including streaming videos, presentations, sound files, PDFs and Office documentsBuild online proficiency tests, incorporating virtual slides and having results from participants stored centrallyBuild PathXL® Tutor into your current website, creating an…

Clinical Software

PathXL EQA supports a range of online quality assurance programs in pathology, local, regional, national and international, enabling virtual distribution of high quality whole slide scans to EQA participants, removing the need for posting/shipping glass slides, as well as management of EQA participants and their access to slide sets.

FeaturesHigh resolution scanning of EQA slide materials for archiving and distributionVirtual distribution of high quality whole slide scans to EQA participants, removing the need for posting/shipping glass slidesGather and store results centrally, eliminating the need for paperworkGreat for small samples where numerous tissue sections cannot be taken. One section, one scan, multiple participants viewing exactly…

Research Software

PathXL® TMA - Microarray Management & Scoring Platform is specifically designed to support TMA scoring workflow and is widely used for collaborative studies both nationally and internationally.

The system allows configuration of experiments in minutes, with access and viewing of clinical metadata, the TMA core, TMA de-arraying, scoring criteria and the TMA map all on a single interface. PathXL® TMA allows users to manually score TMAs quickly and easily, helping to evaluate new tissue biomarkers in TMAs.Key Features:Designed to configure web-based visual…

PathXL Manager

PathXL Manager is a high performance web platform from which all PathXL applications run.

It is entirely web enabled and allows users to manage digital slide libraries and view slides from anywhere in the world, perform image analysis or complete research projects. PathXL Manager is a robust, scalable and secure system that is open and affordable.Key FeaturesScanning and uploadingStorage and archivingSharing and collaborationAnalysis and scoringManage users, roles and permissions 

Tumor Analysis

TissueMark is an innovative, user-friendly solution for the automated identification of tumor tissue on standard H&E stained digital slides.

Using PathXL's powerful algorithm technology, TissueMark automatically indicates the tumor boundary and supplies an accurate and consistent calculation of the percentage of tumor cells present in the sample.Key featuresStreamlines macrodissection for molecular analysis and biomarker discoverySaves pathologists' time by providing automated and highly accurate tumor boundary annotationsContributes to sample purity through consistent percentage tumor calculationPathologists…
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