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Accuri Cytometers

Rapid-Analysis Flow Cytometers for the Life Science Industry

July 12, 2010

Accuri Cytometers Completes $6 Million Series E Financing

Accuri Cytometers, Inc., a world leader in providing life science researchers with easy-to-use, cost-effective flow cytometers, today announced completion of...
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July 8, 2010

Accuri Announces Launch of the Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer System in Italy

Prodotti Gianni SpA named exclusive distributor for Italy.
pharmacuetical business review


Accuri Cytometers

flow cytometers

Accuri Cytometers provides rapid-analysis flow cytometers to the life science industry.

The company’s low-cost instrument features simple-to-use software is easy-to-maintain and has a small bench footprint.

Accuri Cytometers interviewed and surveyed hundreds of life science researchers to understand their needs, and translated those needs into the specifications that guided the development of the entire Accuri product line.

Precise fluidic control for maximum data quality

With a tight focus on creating an affordable, robust, easy-to-use flow cytometer, Accuri Cytometers’ engineering team went back to basic principles and designed an innovative instrument from the ground up to meet our customer-driven specifications.

The researcher’s requirements included:

•   Very precise fluidic control for maximum data quality – Accuri Cytometers’ fluidics systems are easy-to-maintain and independently control the core size and sample flow rate

•   Affordable, reliable optics with precision focusing – Accuri Cytometers’ systems comprise compact, robust optics with long-life lasers and low-cost detectors. This makes it possible to deliver the C6 Flow Cytometer quickly and cost-effectively through express shipping

•   Simple to set voltage/amplification/gain levels for teaching purposes – Accuri Cytometers invented new electronics that deliver best-in-class dynamic range, which eliminates a common source of error in data collection. This makes the C6 Flow Cytometer easier-to-use

•   Easy-to-install and takes up little space in the labs – Accuri Cytometers engineered its instrument to weigh less than 30 pounds and take up less space than a typical microwave. As a result, the C6 Flow Cytometer can fit on to just about any bench

User-friendly flow cytometer

Conversations with flow cytometry users made it clear that the software was just as important as the hardware. Many people told us they found available software difficult to navigate and time-consuming to learn. This was especially true for new users, who felt overwhelmed by the complexity of the user interface.

So Accuri Cytometers partnered with Menlo Innovations, which is an expert in developing user-friendly software. Together, the companies focused on understanding the needs of flow cytometry users and designed system functionality and user interfaces to match those needs.

Accuri Cytometers also tested its designs with many researchers who volunteered to help create software that was so intuitive that no training course was required to get started.

Accuri Cytometers wants you to be so delighted with the C6 Flow Cytometer System that you’ll tell your friends all about it.


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The Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer® with Optional CSampler®

The C6 Flow Cytometer features two lasers, two scatter and four fluorescence detectors. Designed to work with current protocols and reagents, the C6 is a high-performance flow cytometer in an easy-to-use package. Accuri designed the C6 Flow Cytometer to be a full-featured, affordable instrument. Major areas of innovation include a low-pressure pumping system to drive…
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