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The Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer® with Optional CSampler®

Accuri Cytometers

The C6 Flow Cytometer features two lasers, two scatter and four fluorescence detectors. Designed to work with current protocols and reagents, the C6 is a high-performance flow cytometer in an easy-to-use package.

Accuri designed the C6 Flow Cytometer to be a full-featured, affordable instrument. Major areas of innovation include a low-pressure pumping system to drive fluidics rather than a more expensive pressurised system.

The optical bench is compact and employs more robust and less expensive components. This smaller optical bench needs no alignment so the C6 is ready to use in less than two hours after receipt. High-quality components plus innovations enable Accuri to offer the C6 at a price that is affordable for most labs.

Accuri’s flow cytometer’s affordability is due a combination of factors, including purchase price, routine maintenance, service contract price, the time required to learn the system or teach others, and the need to hire a dedicated operator. These costs are reduced or eliminated with the C6.

The system is so easy-to-operate and maintain that a dedicated operator is not required. No room renovations are required to install a C6 and it fits easily on the benchtop and uses standard electrical service. It can even be placed in a laminar flow hood.

The C6 is equipped with a blue and a red laser, two scatter detectors and four fluorescence detectors, with interference filters optimised for the detection of fluorescein isothiocyanate (FITC), polyethylene (PE), peridinin chlorophyll protein complex  (PerCP) Cy5.5 and antigen-presenting cells (APC).

An industry-standard, sheath-focused core facilitates high-performance while enabling event rates of up to 10,000 events per second, and sample concentrations of more than 5×106 cells/ml. The C6 also measures the volume pulled from your sample so that cell concentration can be measured without the need for adding beads to samples or performing time-consuming hemocytometer counts.

Since the C6 fluidics system is nonpressurised, any brand of sample tube that is 12x75mm or smaller can be used. This includes microfuge tubes and tubes made of polypropylene or polystyrene.

The user interface is so easy-to-learn that most current flow cytometer users are collecting and analysing data in less than 30 minutes. Even the novice flow cytometer user can quickly learn to use the C6 Flow Cytometer from a simple quick start guide.

The Accuri C6 Flow Cytometer has pre-optimised detector settings and an increased dynamic range of over six decades, making all of your data available all of the time. The combination of digital data collection and more than seven decades of dynamic range provides unrivalled flexibility in your data analysis. Gating strategies and fluorescence compensation values can be set during, or after, data collection. New users can collect data using a pre-set template, then analyse the data later with more expert help. Data collected on a C6 Flow Cytometer can be re-analysed at any time if gating or compensation errors are discovered, or in light of new research findings.

The Accuri CSampler takes flow cytometry to the next level, by adding simple, reliable and easy-to-use automation to the C6 Flow Cytometer System. And best of all, CSampler is less than half the price of other flow cytometry automation systems.

Now, you can prepare your samples in 96-well plates and take them straight to the flow cytometer, without the need to transfer them into tubes first, saving time, additional steps and operator error. Accuri’s optional CSampler accessory is compatible with 48- and 96-well plates and deep-well plates, and is also supplied with a 24-tube rack for standard 12x75mm tubes. Plus, the CSampler adds minimal footprint to the C6, about three feet square for the pair, keeping your benchtop free for other uses.

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