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Pharmaphenix - International Pharmaceutical Consulting Company

Pharmaphenix, established in 2008, is an international pharmaceutical consulting company that specializes in all aspects of the business development chain. We work with a broad range of biotechnology companies, start-up ventures, investors and pharmaceutical companies, and our main focus, so far, has been on the rapidly emerging markets of Latin America, MENA and Asia; however, we recently intensified our activities in Europe and North America. Our deep corporate experience gives us a global reach, with a contact base that includes key players in our focus markets.

Key services that we offer include:

  • Out-licensing
  • Licensing-in
  • Product and company acquisition
  • API sourcing
  • Support to biotech companies
  • Regulatory services in some emerging markets

Pharmaphenix business model

It is our mission to become the reference partner for companies wishing to enter emerging markets or willing to have a one-stop-shop company for their global international development. We aim to build a solid international network of companies and develop strong local commercial structures where requested, to add value to our customers' business.

Project management in emerging markets

We provide specialized project management in emerging markets. We:

  • Offer a registration dossier of generic and development products (list available upon request)
  • Look for licensing partners for Ph.III products to invest in the project
  • Look for licensing partners for biotech products approved in US and EU but not in target territory
  • Acquire target products for companies in various territories
  • Offer licensing rights of products with sales on the market (look for alternative partner)
  • Look for licensing or distribution partners for products approved in Asia and under registration in other territories

How do we introduce new products in the territory?

  • Assessment of the dynamics of the reference market of the products and issue of a report outlining commercial and regulatory aspects (requirements and timing), including a first screening of potential partners (this takes around three months)
  • Identification and selection of the most appropriate commercial partner in each territory for a given product in order to maximize sales potential, looking at possible synergies between partners and products (fit in portfolio)
  • Conduct and/or facilitation of negotiations with potential partners to ensure that opportunities meet partnering objectives and that Heads of Agreement are signed in a reasonable time

We also handle the follow-up of the project, up to its launch, and further monitor its performance in the marketplace.

World pharmaceutical market evolution

The contribution of pharmerging markets to global growth has steadily increased, from less than 10% in early 2000 to more than 50% currently.

All BRIC markets are expected to be within the top 15 markets in 2014, with a significant growth of China and Brazil.
We have wide knowledge of the international pharmaceutical market, particularly emerging markets such as Argentina, Brazil, China, the Middle East, Russia, South Korea, India or WFA.

We also have practical experience in shortening time to market in order to reduce opportunity cost and maximize sales, and we have a large network of local and regional pharmaceutical marketing companies and agents amongst best-in-class companies in target markets.

We use our expertise in coordinating and monitoring the different steps of the projects to provide results in the shortest time possible, releasing our clients' resources.



Headquarters in Spain
Parc Científic de Barcelona
Carrer Baldiri Reixac 4-8
08028 Barcelona
Tel: +34 93 449 7649
Offices in Korea
607 Prime Building 99-55
Jangan-gu, Suwon-si
Korea [440-824]
Tel: +82 31 268 5250
Offices in the USA
707 Del Rio Ave.
Encinitas, CA 92024
Tel: +1 877 892 2121 (toll free for USA & Canada)