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Enamine Ltd (est. 1991) is a privately owned chemical company, expert in synthesis of Building Blocks and derived small molecular weight compound libraries for drug discovery needs.

Compound libraries for screening

Enamine’s screening collection is the world’s largest. It contains over 1.8 million stock compounds, growing by 250 thousand each year. Enamine is the only compound vendor maintaining so efficient synthesis rate. Enamine’s screening library is the most reputable and richest source of novel quality drug-like compounds. Diversity of the products and number of the lead-like compounds at Enamine are so impressive (see white papers) that today researchers no longer need to bother with searching multiple catalogues and pay extra for purchasing through brokers.


It is most important for our clients that hits found in our collection can be easily and efficiently followed by resupply of dry samples from stock, by swift supply of numerous analogues, and by synthesis of focused compound libraries. Reagents used for the library synthesis can be purchased from our 50,000 Building Block catalogue which we can complement from the superset of 5 million tangible Building Blocks with only 4 weeks lead time.

Exploring a larger number of compounds allows you to cherry pick the most valuable of them

If you are looking for a pool of compounds to conduct virtual screening we also recommend addition of our database of 16 million tangible compounds to your screening file. The compounds from this database, called REAL database, are synthesized in just one step from already produced and stored on site Building Blocks. The success rate is over 75% and on small selections it often reaches 100% so that compounds can be supplied as if available from stock, with delay of only a couple of weeks. Exploring a larger number of compounds allows you to cherry pick the most valuable of them, and having them delivered from a single prominent supplier helps to save significantly on costs and time.


If you do not have a capacity to screen in-silico huge compound libraries we offer a range of carefully designed and selected compound sets such as: kinase, protease, GPCR, ion channels targeted libraries, diversity sets and fragment libraries. In addition, our specialists can work on a custom library project meeting your specific needs.

Enamine offers on-site biological screening.

50,000 Building Blocks and intermediates for library synthesis and medicinal chemistry

1Emerged from in-house synthesis of original compound libraries, Enamine’s building blocks now help researchers worldwide to accelerate their hit-to-lead projects and provide innovative elements in the drug design programs.
We will be happy to offer consulting on particular selection of compounds and supply you with appropriately formatted libraries of reagents which will react selectively with your scaffold to yield a set of required products. We have accumulated a vast experience in parallel library synthesis and can readily share it with you.

Cost-effective and professional custom synthesis

One of the decisive factors in finding a good partner for outsourcing chemical synthesis is how rapidly a CRO can access required chemicals. We are proud that 90% of necessary chemicals are supplied within 1-2 hours from our on-site inventory.


Enamine has laboratory facilities occupying an area of over 15,000 m2 in Kiev, Ukraine. They are located in several recently constructed buildings, providing state-of-the-art instrumentation, infrastructure and analytical services to over 300 skillful chemists.

We deliver our products through our offices in Europe and USA.

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HQEnamine Ltd.
78 Chervonotkatska St
02094 Kyiv, Ukraine
Tel: +38 044 537 32 18
Fax: +38 044 537 32 53
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REAL Database – 16 Million Tangible Screening Compounds

REAL Database (RDB) is a tangible array of 16 million diverse drug-like structures. The compounds are synthesized in single step using excessively validated chemical procedures from available building blocks.

Success rate of up to 100% and synthesis as low as 10 days enable versatile applications of this immense pool of chemical compounds such as:Virtual screening using ligand- and structure based approaches. RDB will be a valuable addition to your pool of structures since the compounds are diverse and drug-like and that they are indeed…

Tangible Building Blocks

In 2007 Enamine in collaboration with UORSY Ltd have launched a joint project in order to establish a systematic chemically validated approach to tangible building blocks that consist of up to 21 heavy atoms and therefore can be used in medicinal chemistry and drug discovery.

The approach is based on three types of well known and optimized organic reactions (reaction sequences) that result in molecules containing one reactive functional group such as NH2, NHR, SH, SR, COOH, C=O, CN, CONHR, SO2Cl, CSNHR etc. Divergent approach was widely used for library construction, leading to a multitude of feasible structures of reactive…

Targeted and Focused Libraries

Enamine has developed a spectrum of soft focus targeted libraries using ligand-based approach (LBA). Platform generic libraries against GPCR, Kinases, Ion channel receptors and Proteases are offered. These libraries feature compounds having increased probability to demonstrate activity against a target within given class, and high structural diversity. We employ QSAR type software PASS (Prediction of Activity Spectra for Substances) or utilize in-house developed software bundle based on proprietary BKD (Binary Kernel Discrimination) algorithm to design LBA libraries against individual targets.

Focused Libraries are designed using receptor-based (docking) approach with subsequent in vitro validation sequence. For example, Aurora kinase library comprising over 2,500 compounds was developed in collaboration with Carna Biosciences, Inc. in 6 iterative rounds of virtual screening - synthesis - in vitro validation. Screening of the resulted library revealed that the 182 (12.1%) compounds…

Screening Compounds for Cherry Picking

Enamine’s screening compound collection is the world’s largest source of species for high throughput screening (HTS) against biochemical targets and living cells. Presently the collection comprises ca. 1.8 million compounds with HTS-compliant physical properties, molecular weight, and structural diversity. This makes our screening compounds the best choice for many discovery programs.

Besides prompt delivery and discounts for large orders we provide: Quality control by LC/MS and NMR ensuring purity of over 90% Resupply is guaranteed by sufficient availability of each compound in stock (>200 mg) Repeated synthesis and synthesis of analogues from in-stock available intermediates and building blocks Lead generation and optimization projects. Well tested synthetic…

Pre-plated Screening Compound Sets

The idea behind the design of a diversity set is to represent entire compound collection in smaller number of compounds while retaining sufficient coverage of the collection.

The idea behind the design of a diversity set is to represent entire compound collection in smaller number of compounds while retaining sufficient coverage of the collection. Usually the diversity of chemical structures selected in screening set is used as a primary measure of coverage quality. Thus, screening of the diversity set can help in…

On-site biological screening

You can save considerable costs on logistics, storage, and reformatting if you screen Enamine’s compounds in our recently established biological screening laboratory. Its modern equipment allows accurate and fast screening against a wide range of targets.

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Enamine Expands Collaboration with UCSF to Explore Synthetically Feasible Chemical Space

Enamine REAL database of synthetic compounds accessible via UCSF’s online ZINC platform.
11th September 2019

Enamine Extends Multi-Year Drug Discovery Collaboration with Lundbeck

Enamine and Lundbeck have announced the expansion of their research collaboration.
29th August 2019

Enamine EMEA Industry Events September 2019

Enamine will be taking part in a series of events in September 2019.
29th August 2019

Atomwise and Enamine to Advance Pediatric Oncology With the World’s First and Largest Ten Billion Compound Virtual Screen

Atomwise announced the launch of a ten billion compound AI-powered virtual drug screening initiative, the 10-to-the-10 program, in collaboration with...
12th August 2019

Enamine Supplies DSI Poised Fragment and Analogue Libraries to Diamond

Diamond-SGC-iNEXT Poised Library supports rapid fragment elaboration for chemical probe and drug development.
29th July 2019
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