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REAL Database – 16 Million Tangible Screening Compounds


REAL Database (RDB) is a tangible array of 16 million diverse drug-like structures. The compounds are synthesized in single step using excessively validated chemical procedures from available building blocks.

Success rate of up to 100% and synthesis as low as 10 days enable versatile applications of this immense pool of chemical compounds such as:

  • Virtual screening using ligand- and structure based approaches. RDB will be a valuable addition to your pool of structures since the compounds are diverse and drug-like and that they are indeed deliverable for biological screening
  • Compound collection enhancement projects
  • Expedite hit follow-up. The RDB compounds in many cases continue the series of off-the-shelf compounds

The database is developed constantly in series of careful tests. Millions of reactions were carried out during the last years to accumulate the synthetic statistics with considerable predictive power. Over 40 liquid-phase reactions and more than 50 synthetic protocols were optimized to yield individual compounds with standard 90%+ purity. The technology of high throughput synthesis based on RDB was introduced in the year 2000 and since that time over 1.5 million compounds have been synthesized in multi-milligram quantities. Nowadays about 240,000 new compounds produced via RDB procedures are added to our stock Screening Collection annually. Each year over 10,000 new building blocks are made available by our chemists for synthesis of compound libraries. The technology of parallel synthesis can be also applied to custom building blocks taking advantage of substantial number of reagents already available at Enamine.

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