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Screening Compounds for Cherry Picking


Enamine’s screening compound collection is the world’s largest source of species for high throughput screening (HTS) against biochemical targets and living cells. Presently the collection comprises ca. 1.8 million compounds with HTS-compliant physical properties, molecular weight, and structural diversity. This makes our screening compounds the best choice for many discovery programs.

Besides prompt delivery and discounts for large orders we provide:

  • Quality control by LC/MS and NMR ensuring purity of over 90%
  • Resupply is guaranteed by sufficient availability of each compound in stock (>200 mg)
  • Repeated synthesis and synthesis of analogues from in-stock available intermediates and building blocks
  • Lead generation and optimization projects. Well tested synthetic methods along with over 45,000 in-stock intermediates enable prompt design and synthesis of compound libraries focused around identified hits

At present the collection of screening compounds is divided into 3 large libraries.

Advanced Collection represents our most recent innovative compounds (ca. 200,000). The collection features compounds with improved ADME profiles. Quarterly stock additions are added to Advanced Collection during each calendar year.

HTS Collection (ca. 1,300,000) has been greatly acknowledged by our customers. Given its volume, compound exclusivity (>90%), and remarkable diversity HTS Collection is an excellent cherry-picking source for different screening campaigns.

Historical Collection (ca. 180,000 compounds) represents past, yet significant, synthetic achievements of the company.

Orders for screening compounds supplied from stock usually are delivered within 7-10 business days. Compounds can be formatted as solids, solutions or dry films in well-plates, plastic tubes or glass vials. We accept custom requirements for packaging and labeling.

Current databases with structures and estimated ADME parameters are available for download at our website. To speed up data mining Enamine can provide the library of scaffolds covering most of the screening collection. Up-to-date stock availability can be found online, along with analytical data and supplemental information.

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