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Brainloop Solution for Document Compliance Management

By Brainloop

Brainloop is a web-based workspace that allows you to share confidential documents, even across a widespread network of users inside and outside your company. Top encryption, sophisticated security categories and a powerful permission system provide unrivaled documents.

The Brainloop solution for document compliance management in life sciences

  • Centralised, secure repository ensures immediate, restricted access
  • Strict access controls prevent printing, downloading or forwarding
  • Competing parties can view documents in parallel, and new groups can be added ad hoc
  • Documents are always available through any web-enabled device, eliminating courier costs
  • Best-of-breed security with advanced document encryption, operator shielding and audit trail


  • Online document sharing accelerates the licensing process
  • Valuable IP and patient data are protected
  • Participant interest can be quickly gauged through activity
  • Data can be rapidly retracted if required, protecting IP
  • Biotech company maintains control and ownership of IP at all times


Document delivery and distribution

All documents are accessible to potential licensees 24/7; new participants can be easily added ad hoc.

Strict access control

Documents cannot be downloaded, forwarded, or printed; embedded watermarking provides additional protection.


E-mail notifications inform users of recently added documents.

Document creation/modification

Documents can be easily added or retracted in real time by the administrator.

Intuitive interface

Extremely easy to use, no training or software required.

Audit trail and archiving

Tamper-proof audit trail of all user actions, and powerful archiving for backup and document retention.

End-to-end security

Best-in-class security provided through two-factor authentication, policies and permissions defined at user level, 128-bit SSL transmission and encryption, operator shielding, and a secure datacenter.