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Custom Powder Systems

March 15, 2016

Our Safety & Wellness Programs

DeAnn: We're proud of our safety program. We have a DART rating of a 0.78, which is well below the...
pharmacuetical business review
January 19, 2016

Blending Solutions for Food and Pharma

Scott Heffern: Our wheelhouse and blending is IBC blending, containment blending, many different words for it. We make many different...
pharmacuetical business review


Custom Powder Systems

The light bulb, the telegraph, the aeroplane: like our heroes, we reject the notion that something cannot be done just because no one has done it before.

Our process begins by listening carefully to our clients’ vision, then designing and delivering their idea on time and on budget. That’s why our customers keep coming back to us – we deliver.

We’re the company that says "yes", when everybody else says "no".

Our designers and engineers put drafting pen to paper and make the seemingly impossible spring to life. If it’s never been done before, that’s only because we haven’t tried it yet.

State-of-the-art starts with a dream. State-of-the-art starts right here.


Systems to contain, blend, transport and process dry materials

Custom Powder Systems will partner with you to custom design and build equipment systems to contain, blend, transport, and process dry materials.


The design and engineering artists at CPS spend every day talking to brilliant planners and engineers – people like you.

We listen to what you really need. Not what you think you want. Sometimes the answer isn’t in black and white. So we dig deeper to understand your challenge and discover your real needs. Then, we find a way to make it happen.

While others force you to order cookie-cutters from a catalogue, we’re designing and custom-building every system in our factory.

We love a good challenge

Like the client who’d presented us with a project that had been turned down by everybody else. He began to think that it couldn’t be done. But it could. And we did it in only six weeks.

What’s your biggest challenge?

Even if others say it’s impossible. Even if nobody’s ever done it before. Even if you need it in six weeks. CPS can help.

"It really isn’t a cliché for us to say we partner up with our customers because we really do. It becomes a concerted effort with them to drill down to what they really want and still try to stay within the dollar range that they have to spend."

– Bob Luebbe, Senior VP of Sales

We build solutions

If you’re facing problems such as:

  • Containment
  • Contamination
  • Discharge spillage
  • Extracting hardened material from drums
  • Segregation of blended materials
  • Lifting issues
  • Low yields
  • Powder handling


If you need:

  • Blending
  • IBC and IBC systems
  • Blend uniformity
  • Lift systems
  • Transfer systems
  • Cleaning systems
  • Anti-segregation devices
  • Replacement parts
  • Isolators
  • Glove boxes
  • Lyo transfer carts
  • Down flow booths
  • Process enclosures
  • Flexible containment
  • Specialty equipment


You name the problem. We’ll build the solution.

We’re Custom Powder Systems.

Contact details:
Custom Powder Systems©

2715 North Airport Commerce
Springfield, MO
Tel: (417)-868-8002

Bin Systems

Bins and Bin Systems are the industry standard for powder handling applications where close containment is required. Custom Powder Systems Bins and Bin Systems are used in virtually all powder handling and processing applications, and will be custom designed to meet your specific requirements.

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Dry powder blending is simplified with bin blending that reduces blend times and requires no between batch cleanup. Since products contact only the bin, the benefits of total product containment, immediate product changeover and zero blender cleaning are realized. Bin blending also eliminates airborne and cross-contamination, product segregation and spillage risks.

Click here for more information.

Cleaning Systems

Sanitize and dry containers or other process equipment including bins, drums, fluid bed drier bowls, down spouts, pallets and other parts with repeatable and validatable cleaning systems, designed to meet your specific cleaning requirements.

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Custom Powder Systems Customer Support Network

Custom Powder Systems customers gain the benefit of a customer support network. Once you have a Custom Powder Systems system up and running, you are just one phone call away from a solution.

Custom Powder Systems Follow UpWhat happens after the installation of a Custom Powder Systems system? What if a customer has questions or is struggling with some aspect of implanting the system? What happens when it's time for system maintenance or replacement of a part?Custom Powder Systems customers gain the benefit of a customer support network.…

The EZ-Down System

The engineers at Custom Powder Systems have created the EZ-Down system. This system allows the mass of blended product to be lowered with precision.

Since a product can segregate in a fall of as little or as short as four inches, Custom Powder Systems has built devices 18 inches and up to combat this problem successfully.EZ-DownWhen particle-based products fall down a vertical transfer as short as four inches, they can segregate based on the particle size, density, and mass.…

Innovation and Invention

CPS' engineers innovate solutions for significant safety implications. They invented a transfer nozzle cleaning system that enables safe dock and unloading of moisture sensitive material.

In a manufacturing situation involving a corrosive powder, CPS designed a system with a drum inverting system inside of an ICS isolator, protecting workers from exposure.Custom Powder is solving your unique challenge through the art of engineering.Engineers at Custom Powder Systems take an innovative approach, frequently inventing new products to solve expensive, unexpected problems. This…

Custom Powder Systems Parts Replacement

Clients frequently contact Custom Powder Systems not knowing the details about older equipment that may even predate their tenure with that company.

By reaching out, clients can make use of CPS experience and knowledge to track down the component that needs to be replaced or repaired.Customer help for Custom Powder Systems parts replacementThe parts replacement department at Custom Powder is a bit like that classic old-time local hardware store, helpful and fully stocked with solutions. This equipment…

Downflow Booths

Downflow Booths are used for multiple bulk handling applications. These units are used to upgrade existing facilities or in new facility construction to reduce OEL during bulk handling operations, for applications requiring Class 100 operating environments, product protection and exhaust for particulate containment.

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Drum Massager

Custom Powder Systems makes a product called a drum massager. It has two sets of C-shaped arms that come in and compress the drum. There's a turntable that turns the drum, compresses it again. It raises up, does additional compressions, and cracks up, breaks up the material.

Click here to find out more.If you're a company that works with salt in drums, Custom Powder Systems can help with our drum massager. If you have trouble getting those salts out of a drum, we can test the material here and provide a drum massager that will help you achieve that.If your company is…

HIgh Shear Bin Blender

IBC blenders have been for decades the best dry material blending technology available for 3,000 liter or smaller batch blending. This is due to the unparalleled blend uniformity capability, speed of blend and the fact that the blender itself has no product contact components that allows immediate product changeover. The only limitation with this technology has been that it is a low shear blending principle as it relies on the simple yet highly effective tumble action to produce homogeneous blends. On occasion high shear is required for batches with ingredients that tend to agglomerate during blending and that required a change to a blender with high shear blending principle; this is no longer necessary.

CPS is pleased to announce that the same High Shear Intensifier Bar technology used in our fixed shell blenders (such as Twin Shell, Double Cone or Slant) is now available on our IBC blending systems with or without liquid injection capability. This revolutionary development greatly expands IBC Blending to all blending applications regardless of the…


Isolators are designed to the challenges and market requirements for low OEL containment systems in Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Medical devices, Radiopharmaceutical and Nuclear industries.

This technology is providing a safe working environment addressing both ergonomic and safety concerns for operators in research, manufacturing, testing and handling hazardous materials. From aseptic applications, an environment capable of delivering a confident Class 100 (ISO 5) or better working environment.This equipment can be portable or stationary or grouped to other isolators to form…

Lift Systems

Column Lifts are used to elevate and accurately place bins, drums, tanks, and other equipment. Easily place containers over tablet presses, encapsulators or process tanks, or elevate containers between plant floor levels.

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The parts replacement department at Custom Powder is somewhat like a classic old-time local hardware store, helpful and fully stocked with solutions. Clients frequently call Custom Powder Systems® (CPS) not knowing any details about older equipment that may even predate their tenure with that company. By reaching out, clients can make use of CPS’® experience and knowledge to track down the component that needs replacement or repair.

Click here for more information.Click here for our video.

Restricted Access Barrier System

Restricted Access Barrier Systems are rigid walls that provide a physical barrier between operators and the manufacturing process to prevent migration or segregation of product or to reduce operator exposure. Introduction or removal of materials can be done through glove ports or doors depending on the level of containment required. Come to Booth 1053 to see a barrier and discuss your containment or powder processing needs with our experts.

Setup and Training

When Custom Powders Systems builds a machine for people, either we do it here at our facility or at their facility. We set the machine up and make sure it operates properly. Then we offer training to their personnel so they understand how the machine operates, or how to operate the machine.

Click here for more information.If the people aren't trained properly they're unsatisfied with the equipment because they can't make it do what they want to do. If they're not trained right then something could break. So if they're not trained right, they're either going to have bad product or not be happy with how the…

The Integrated Containment Systems Product Line

We have a lot of different applications. They drive the product. Like, for example, aseptic. Aseptic products are products that are injected into your body. We make Lyo Carts for that. We make isolators for that. We make sterile test equipment for that, but it's specific to the aseptic. Aseptic is different because I'm protecting the product from the worker. The worker being you and me.

For example, we have particles that could fall off of our faces. That could get into that product. That could be injected in somebody else's body. As a result, that's the reason why when you go to see a doctor he gives you a shot, he tells you to sit down for 10 minutes. The…

Transfer Systems

Transfer devices are other integral components for your powder handling needs. They are designed for contained product transfer out of bins to tablet presses, encapsulators and reactor/liquid vessels. Docking Stations are also used for bin filling, tablet transfer from bin to packaging equipment and capsule transfer from bin to encapsulator.

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Working as a team at Custom Powder Systems

At Custom Powder Systems, engineers rely on an integrated approach to solve even the most complex challenges for clients. The entire team at CPS works extremely well with the client to make sure that they've got everything they need, whether it's technical support, replacement components, or anything else under that umbrella.

How the Custom Powder Systems team solves client problemsAt Custom Powder Systems, engineers rely on an integrated approach to solve even the most complex challenges for clients, and in the replacement parts division, manager Brad Clary is able to rely on that knowledge and experience at CPS.Whether it's part of the sales team or the…
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