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Drum Massager

Custom Powder Systems

Custom Powder Systems makes a product called a drum massager. It has two sets of C-shaped arms that come in and compress the drum. There's a turntable that turns the drum, compresses it again. It raises up, does additional compressions, and cracks up, breaks up the material.

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If you’re a company that works with salt in drums, Custom Powder Systems can help with our drum massager. If you have trouble getting those salts out of a drum, we can test the material here and provide a drum massager that will help you achieve that.

If your company is concerned about safety, how are your operators breaking up the material in the drum? If they’re using any unconventional methods, then a drum massager will work for you. We see customers backing forklifts into the drums. We’ve had customers push the drum through a wall. They’re using pipes and mallets. If safety is important in your facility, then the drum massager is a great choice for you.

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