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The EZ-Down System

Custom Powder Systems

The engineers at Custom Powder Systems have created the EZ-Down system. This system allows the mass of blended product to be lowered with precision.

Since a product can segregate in a fall of as little or as short as four inches, Custom Powder Systems has built devices 18 inches and up to combat this problem successfully.


When particle-based products fall down a vertical transfer as short as four inches, they can segregate based on the particle size, density, and mass. Light particles float, while the heavier material tumbles and gets there faster. When compressed, this material can no longer form a uniform homogenous tablet. Custom Powder Systems has built devices as short as 18 inches to combat this problem successfully, so you can improve your yield from 75% to 98%.

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Custom Powder Systems’ patented EZ-Down System is a simple yet highly innovative and effective tool that improves yield while reducing the potential for layering or segregation.

The EZ-Down system consists of a rubber bladder inside a clear tube. When inflated, the bladder pinches off the flow of product within the tube. By slowly allowing the air to deflate from the bladder, the weight of the material causes the blend to flow gently from point A to point B without any freefall, which would likely lead to de-blending.

Custom Powder Systems recently installed the EZ-Down system on the line of a large pharmaceutical company that was dealing with bad segregation. The result was a gentle, controlled decelerated transfer from the hopper to the tablet press that improved yields from less than 75% to over 98%.

Custom Powder Systems: solving your unique challenge through the art of engineering.

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