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Blending Solutions for Food and Pharma

Where we really shine in, and I think it’s as much to do about the technology and that it is us, is IBC blending, but where I think we really excel is how to apply that IBC blending into the systems.

Bob Luebbe: It’s important in all applications across all industries because not only do people want to have a repeatable and validatable blend in pharma, but they do in food as well. To bring it down to a chemical type use, maybe you’re blending colors for brick mortar and you need to have the same, consistent color that goes into that. You get that out of blending.

If it’s food or pharma, especially, easy to point out because of the high potency type compounds that you’re mixing 1,000-1,500 liter batch and you’re tableting that into a 600 milligram tablet. You need to have the same amount of active in each tablet at the beginning of the batch and at the back of the batch.

A customer should come to us to help them for their blending solution because they want a good blend and we can get a good blend. We can do that reliably. We can do that affordably, and we can do it with less handling than most types of companies can.