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Stratophase - Illuminate Your Process with Essential, Real Time Continuous Information The drive for improved quality, yield and process knowledge is leading bioprocess users to consider new technologies to control and monitor their processes at all stages from Process Development through to Pilot Plant and Full Scale Manufacturing.
Production & Manufacturing > Manufacturing > Suppliers Suzhou Pharma Services - Solid Dose Contract Development and Commercial Manufacturing in China Suzhou Pharma Services is a US based contract development and commercial manufacturing organization specializing in solid oral dosage forms with an FDA approved and Chinese SFDA licensed cGMP manufacturing facility located in Suzhou, China.
Production & Manufacturing > Manufacturing > Suppliers Syncom - Contract Research in Organic Chemistry and Custom Synthesis Solutions Established in 1988, Syncom supplies contract research in organic chemistry and custom synthesis solutions to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.
Suppliers Synergy Outsourcing - Outsourcing and Insourcing Solutions Synergy outsourcing is a functional service provider giving the outsourcing industry a unique dual channel approach to outsourcing.
Suppliers Synovo – Innovation in Inflammation Synovo is a pre-clinical contract research organisation who provide fast flexible support in the fields of in vivo pharmacology and Chemistry.
Drug Research > Drug Discovery & Development > Suppliers SYSTAG – Laboratory Automation, Scale-up, Thermal Process Safety and Pilot Plant Control From a Single Hand SYSTAG, System Technik AG is a global provider for lab automation and solutions in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry specialising in integrated automation projects, from development to pilot plant and process control, including thermal process analysing for a safe process design.
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