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Independent Environmental and Security Monitoring

By 7PSolutions

The GL200-Tracker can be utilized as a standalone or multi-layer device for cargo embedment and tied with video if the vehicle is equipped with RouteWatch monitoring equipment or used to monitor facilities' environmental and security conditions. The GPS location functionality in combination with our Transport Environment Monitoring Systems™ (TEMS) monitors:

  • Time-defined shipments by providing alerts as shipments near their required delivery commitments and exact location while en route
  • High-value shipments can be assigned to linear geo-fences creating alarm notifications should the transport deviate from the predetermined route
  • Utilized as a driver panic button and emergency geo-fence around the driver and equipment
  • Provides alert notifications regarding separation between the power unit, trailer, cargo or container

The GL200-Tracker with the EMM Probe provides the same functionality as above with the addition of sensors that can monitor and alert deviations to environmental events. All parameters are maintained within the database trip history for future use as required by regulatory agencies.

  • Light sensor utilized to alert parties when the trailer, package, or container has been opened and provides time and date stamp along with Google Map of the event location in real-time
  • Temperature, humidity, pressure, G-force (vibration/shock), and package orientation can be monitored all at once or individually based on your requirements. Alert parameters can be defined for any excursions during the trip

The GL200-Tracker with the EMM Probe and Dry Ice Probe combine all functionalities with the addition of the second probe for dry ice monitoring. The dry ice probe communicates its readings to the EMM probe which in turn is communicating to our servers through the GL200-Tracker.

The EMM Probe is a calibrated environmental monitoring probe measuring temperature, humidity, pressure, g-force (vibration/shock), light exposure, and 3D package orientation. When connected to the GL200-Tracker data is transmitted real-time to our servers and software platform RouteWatch with customizable alarming, communications and reporting. The temperature and humidity sensor within the EMM probe has been calibrated at the time of manufacturing to global traceable standards based on individual serial numbers. Upon request we can also have each EMM probe calibrated individually.

The Dry Ice probe is a standard RTD PT100 temperature probe measuring down to - 200°C.

All software and devices are developed, tested and validated under Good Automated Manufacturing Practices (GAMP). Fees begin at time of activation. TEMS can be branded for your company with your brand and logos.

Our GL200-Tracker communicates to our servers utilizing a SIM card. Each GL200-Tracker must be equipped with a Global, US, or regional SIM card based on the client's requirements. SIM cards can be purchased in various sizes (MB of data) to suit individual requirements. We can assist you in finding the right communication program to meet your needs.

SMS (text messages) can be purchased individually or in buckets of 100 messages. They do not expire and can be used across all units within the same group.

Our powerful TEMS platform removes most of the human element from protecting the integrity of your products and securing your brand and investments by completely automating the process through event-based communications and alarm notifications. Conversely we do understand that adverse events such as mechanicals, weather and loss of GPS connectivity can happen during transport and in-transit storage and we provide a full range of risk management protocols based on individual client and product requirements.

To add additional levels of security and protection to the supply chain our platform utilizes ARC technology sending scripted alarms and alert messages to our global central command center. Our trained staff handles each specific ARC in accordance to each client's specific requirements through our partner law enforcement network or transportation network depending on the requirement of the alert notification. Our exclusive security and law enforcement network is provided through Integrity Security Personnel (ISP) and our exclusive global supply chain services can be provided through the International Cold Chain Coalition (IC³) .

The cost associated with this service varies based on the mode of transport, scope of involvement and our responsibilities acting as a Lead Logistics Provider. In addition our climate control specialists can act on behalf of our clients' shipping or transportation department dispatching the proper prescreened, qualified climate controlled carriers for each dedicated route. We manage and coordinate the entire transaction from pickup through to delivery.

Additional services include building our database with all of your shipping lane detail, product information and the parameters associated with each and the communication tables for schedule event messages and alarming conditions. Once the database is built prior to releasing for operations it will go through our quality assurance check to ensure accuracy and compliance against the signed project definition.

Additional security protocols can be written as well between our security experts and the security department of our client. These protocols are highly confidential and have limited visibility within our internal processes.